A Review of Tea Tree Oil Warts Therapy.

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Tea tree oil warts cure is currently medically unsupported. However, there is evidence for its ability to aid in the treatment of wartsTea tree oil can cure warts.[toc]

A study by Millar and Moore (2008) resulted in the removal of warts on a child, using the topical application of tea tree oil from Melaleuca alternifolia. This suggests that tea tree oil can be used as a treatment for warts caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). The treatment did not only remove the wart, but allowed new skin to grow back to replace the wart.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits:

  • Presently, it is consi dered safe to use tea tree oil to treat warts. It is already prescribed for various skin conditions, such as dandruff, lice, and even herpes breakouts. In a concentrated form, tea tree oil may cause irritation, but as Paracelsus said, “The dose makes the poison.” Just follow the recommendations for tea tree oil(external use and diluted) and it should not have any adverse effects. It should be noted that pure tea tree oil is not supposed to be used by pregnant women and children.
  • Cheap. Tea tree oil is currently priced at roughly four dollars per fluid ounce, according to Walmart online. It is much cheaper than most medication that will be prescribed for warts, such as cryogenic therapy, acid therapy, cautery, excision, and other medical procedures. There is no prescription needed for it, and therefore it should qualify as a home remedy.


  • Insufficient evidence to support tea tree oil as treatment for warts. Millar and Moore reported that it was the first case of the tea tree oil treatment working on warts. It must be stressed that one case is not enough to prove a point for anything, especially in terms of treatment. It is fortunate for a single patient that the treatment was effective for them, but what works for a patient may not work for others. This is why clinical trials exist – to test if Tea oil is made from tea leaves a treatment could work on the population at large. Such clinical trials can number in the tens of thousands of people tested before the treatment is deemed safe and effective, and even then, the drug may not even be as effective as the trial said it was. Prozac is one such drug – a treatment for depression, it increases the rates of suicide among those who use it.
  • As stated above, tea tree oil should be used with caution, especially in dosage. Pure tea tree oil is not to be used because of the risk of contracting skin irritation problems, as well as linear immunoglobulin A disease and hypersensitivity. When using tea tree oil, it should not be ingested. If you are going to use this on a child’s hands or fingers, ensure that the child cannot suck on them. The American Cancer Society states that tea tree oil can cause mild to severe symptoms, ranging from drowsiness, headache and blood cell abnormalities to coma.

Additional information:

  • Tea tree oil should be placed on the wart, and then the wart should be covered with banana peel or raw garlic. It appears that tea tree oil may not be too effective on its own. However, the case stated by Millar and Moore says that tea tree oil alone should work for warts, specifically those caused by human papilloma virus.

To reiterate, tea tree oil warts treatment is to be used with caution. If using on children, make sure that the children have no way of ingesting it. There are possible side effects, but if used properly it should be a safe treatment for warts.

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  1. Caren

    I’m glad for the full disclosure. Perhaps we could use this as a research topic.

  2. I’ll have to do some more research but this was a good starting point. Thank you very much.

  3. I used tea tree oil and my skin began to burn. Then my neighbor told me that we must not use concentrated oil on the skin. Now I have it with tea and it soothes me immensely.

  4. Yes, I use tea tree oil for my bath. It helps me maintain a smooth skin.

  5. Timothy Perkins

    Tea tree oil is so good. We have used it since we were kids. We never have louse or headaches. This oil protects against hair fall.

  6. Hupwer

    Tea tree is good but we cannot drink it, right? How long will it take?

  7. John McCormack

    It depends on the wart. But, in normal course, it will be gone in 15 — 20 days.

  8. Alfred

    We married late and I had a late child. It was tough for my wife but fortunately, there were no complications. I was happy to read this article as I was reminded of the pregnancy.

  9. Bacchus

    Tea tree oil is good I know and use.

  10. I like and use this daily. Can we put this on the head?

  11. John McCormack

    Mix it with some other hair oil. Some people will develop allergy so use very little.

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