Candida Die-Off Symptoms Are a Myth.

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Candida die-off symptoms are a myth.
Candida die-off symptoms are a completely unnecessary and harmful side effect of trying to get rid of candidiasis by using advice from non-qualified health professionals and methods that have not undergone rigorous scientific testing, most often via a candida diet. This may be a very strong statement, but the following are the reasons that it is against medical recommendations to even go through with a Candida diet to treat candidiasis.

  • It combines the disease state with a starvation state. The basic premise of the Candida diet is to “starve” the infection of basic nutrients that it needs, such as sugar. The problem with that is these basic nutrients are also needed by the body. The body needs sugar as a basic fuel source to function, for one thing, and to cut it out entirely from the diet can be disastrous. That is already discouraged in otherwise normal people who are trying to get thinner, but the use of this tactic in trying to get rid of candidiasis is even worse, because one will be undergoing the effects of malnutrition compounded with the infection. Malnutrition of course leaves the body vulnerable to further infection because the immune system also needs energy to function. The lack of energy reserves that the body is getting from the diet combined with the competition it receives from Candida leaves even less energy going to the body and its necessary functions, leaving the person even more likely to get sick, and perhaps get additional infections on top of the primary problem of candidiasis. About the only thing in supposed candida diets that would actually work is the antifungal drugs, and sadly these are the least emphasized when in fact they are the most important.
  • Candida does not have endotoxins that cause the supposed Candida die-off symptoms. Some sites say that Candida die-off symptoms are a result of the release of the endotoxins within the fungi, such as ethanol and formaldehyde. It must be said that this is not that case. Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions are more closely associated with penicillin infections. Now, there are some papers that do suggest that Candida have endotoxins. However, as of this writing, this has not been confirmed by rigorous experiment – that is to say, the findings are inconsistent. Even if they were, the endotoxins suspected to be in Candida do not cause the symptoms commonly associated with candida die-off, such as nausea, joint pains, constipation, et cetera. Those are either symptoms of candidiasis, the body entering a starvation phase, or an effect of those two being combined.
  • Candida looks like this.It is a promotion of quackery. There is NO medical or scientific evidence whatsoever to say that Candida diets help get rid of infections faster, except maybe in conjunction with the appropriate medical therapy of antifungals. These sites that give details sparsely on how to get rid of candidiasis often give out advertisements for the books that will give the details in full. This is quackery – sometimes well-meaning in the case of people that truly believe in homeopathy or naturopathy, but it is harmful nonetheless. In this time where people are looking for cheaper ways to get better, where the reputation of the professional health system is under attack by people accusing it of only making money – and it is, the alternative that is cheap but ineffective pseudomedicine should not be accepted. As an additional note, the title of “doctor” has been cheapened by people who can now claim to be doctors. Naturopathic doctors are a sham.

In short, candida diets are like dragons. They’re very nice to look at and to imagine that they are real, but they’re not. Candida die-off symptoms are easily preventable with a proper consultation with an actual physician. One should be intelligent and rely on actual evidence and expertise provided by trained medical professionals.

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  1. Oh my god, this really is controversial. Are you saying that my naturopath is a quack?

  2. Dr.Kumar

    As a licensed medical doctor, I approve of this article. Kudos to you.

  3. Paulus Brun

    This is just what I wanted. I had an argument with my girlfriend and she insists that you can actually “starve” the infection. Only antibiotics work just as it is given in the article here on medical tips and medical care. Thanks a lot my friend.

  4. Gerard Moosa

    The diet industry is thinking up new schemes to attract people. I agree, we must eat responsibly to maintain our health.

  5. Jill Sanders

    I have tried it and there was not much of improvement. Anyway thanks for the information.

  6. Bill Sander

    This article shows why we must consult professional medical practitioners before we go in for treatment. Thanks, it is nice to read.

  7. Regina

    How could anything you eat be dangerous? Or cure things? I think it is promoted by some spurious interests.

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