Best Way to Treat Candidiasis of the Skin and Nails

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Cutaneous candidiasis is fungal infection of the skin that has a likelihood of appearing at places where the skin has folds. The moisture present under the breasts, in the groin area, under the armpits and in between your fingers is most likely places for this yeast to grow. Other than on the skin, it also grows in small amounts in our intestine. Fungal infection will grow at any place in the body as mentioned below:Candidiasis of the skin and nails responds well to medication.

  • Genitals
  • Throat
  • Skin
  • Blood
  • Mouth

They can occur on the tongue, bronchi, nose, oral cavity, nails, any place on the skin, vagina, urine or digestive tract. According to the place where they occur, we classify the candidiasis into the following types:

  1. Vulvovaginal yeast infection: This affects the genital area of women.
  2. Thrush: Thrush or oropharyngeal candidiasis occurs in the mouth region.
  3. Candidemia: Invasive candidiasis or Candidemia enters the blood stream of the patient.
  4. Diaper rash: This infection affects babies who do not get frequent change of diaper. The warm clothing combined with the wet conditions aids the development of candidiasis on their bottom.
  5. Lip corners and oral cavity: The oral cavity candidiasis shows whitish deposits mostly in infants and small children. These deposits cover painful wounds making it difficult to feed the child. Lip corner candidiasis can appear if the person has dentures. Skin cracks, redness and swelling will spread to corner of the lips from buccal mucosa.
  6. Nail candidiasis: People who over-wash their hands become susceptible to nail candidiasis. This infection presents in the form of redness and pain in the region surrounding the nails and cuticles. Pus formation may occur in small amounts. Infection of the skin surrounding the nail is chronic at times and the irritation will result in growth of nail plate that is corrugated and brittle.

Typical symptoms of this infection will be:

  • Red or white patchy skin
  • Mild discomfort to painful irritation
  • Skin may be cracked or sore
  • Pustules or blisters may be present
  • Infected hair follicles resemble pimples
  • White discharge from the vagina
  • Whitish deposit on the tongue
  • White deposits at corners of lips

Factors that help the formation of yeast infection are seen to be the following.

  • Poor hygiene
  • Warm and moist clothing
  • High sugar levels in blood (diabetes patients)
  • Warm and humid weather
  • Using antibiotics that prevent formation of normal flora
  • Weakened immune system as present in those who are pregnant, suffering from diabetes or undergoing treatment involving steroids
  • Folds in skin (as it typical in obese patients)

Poor hygiene will always cause a variety of illnesses. Pay attention to keeping the skin dry and clean. Moisture is the main reason for this illness to occur. If you are overweight, change your diet so that you can reduce weight. High sugar in the blood also promotes the growth of this fungus.

Testing for infection

Examination of the skin or scrapings taken from the skin will help the physician determine the nature of infection if any. Testing for diabetes may also be needed as per the situation.

Proper hygiene is a must to be free from the fungal infection.Treatment for candidiasis of the skin and nails

  • Keep the skin free from moisture
  • Lose weight if you are overweight
  • Keep sugar under control
  • Use antifungal creams for superficial treatment of fungus infection
  • Eat healthy food that helps strengthen the immune system

Strong soaps and antiseptics will disturb growth of normal fungus. Local treatment through antifungal cream and powder is considered adequate for oral candidiasis, vaginal candidiasis, candidal balanoposhitis and skin candidiasis. Preparations of Imidazole that has antimyocotic will be used for 15 – 20 days. The physician will resort to systemic treatment when the case is not responding to local treatment.


This is not infectious and only spreads when there is moisture on the skin or at any other place on the body. If you observe good hygienic techniques, this condition will not reappear.

25 Responses

  1. I did not notice anything wrong with my 1 year old Tommy. But when I went for the routine medical examination, they noticed the white deposit and recommended treatment. Now he is undergoing therapy and is showing better health.

  2. I work at the confectioners and have to regularly wash my hands. Then one day last year I noticed my nails had become brittle and was breaking. I went to the clinic and they advised me to undergo treatment for candidiasis. Now my hands have become supple and I do not have any problems at all.

  3. My poor baby was crying incessantly and I did not know what to do. I took him to the clinic – he is only 8 months old – and they told me that he was suffering from diaper rash. The rash was not noticeable but it was causing him lot of irritation. Once we treated it, he stopped crying all the time.

  4. I had this problem once before. My medical care provider advised me to keep my hands moisture free. Now I do not have the problem at all.

  5. I work in a bakery and I began to get split nails. I went to the doctor but the pills and ointment is not working.

  6. Administration

    Tai, it is best if you use gloves while working. Also keep your hands free from moisture. Moisture is the key to fighting this infection.

  7. I had an uncle who used to suffer from brittle nails. The poor man was always putting oil on his hands.

  8. Hagrid Moses

    The cracked nails used to be a problem for me. Now I have started pills and am wearing gloves at work. The problem seems to have receded.

  9. Fouz Ali

    Good hygiene will help crack the toughest disease. Good article.

  10. I am a supervisor in a stone quarry. The workers have cracked nails and often they are swollen. Some of them take care by applying oil and cleaning their fingernails. I know how much suffering candidiasis can bring. I learned something by reading this information.

  11. Fertado

    Candidiasis can affect the skin too? This is news for me. How must I prevent this?

  12. Administration

    Dear Fertado, You have to maintain the good bacteria of the skin. This is known as probiotics. Bathing too often (say, three of four times a day) can strip your skin of the essential oils and helpful bacteria. These will take time to be replenished. So, if you apply oil, it will help to protect your skin.

  13. William

    I see that this is due to poor watch over the health. Does it always affect everyone?

  14. John McCormack

    Yes, William, it will affect everyone who is not careful with his or her personal hygiene.

  15. Mary Gilbert

    I have seen these whitish deposits. Do we need the lab analysis to start treatment?

  16. John McCormack

    All medical conditions must be analyzed by a medical professional. See your physician first.

  17. Lavania

    Never thought much of oil until I read this article on candidiasis of the nail. I remember seeing many women workers near my office who have this problem. Now I know what it is and how to take care of this. I am glad I read this article.

  18. Does this happen again? I already had this once.

  19. John McCormack

    Yes, it will happen again if you do not take care. Use any essential oil or plain cooking oil to coat your hair and nails.

  20. I know this happens to workers in my quarry. They leave their hands exposed to the dust and soon their nails become brittle. I have advised them to use gloves while working.

  21. Ralph Mison

    I have patches on my skin. What should I do?

  22. John McCormack

    Do not rush into anything. Most of the time, the allergy rashes will disappear on their own. If they do not, then you must consult your physician. Sometimes, these happen due to change in the diet.

  23. I am a dishwasher. These rashes are under my fingernails.

  24. John McCormack

    In that case, it might be candidiasis. Use less soap to wash your hands. Oil your hands well and wear gloves if possible while washing dishes. Then, your problem should vanish.

  25. Okay, I will try that doctor. Thank you.

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