Best Methods to Grow Eyelashes Thick and Long

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If you are wondering how to grow eyelashes, you are not alone. Plenty of women in the world have the same thoughts and often they turn to fashion gurus who advocate all sorts of concoctions that seldom work. Here we see some easy and practical home solutions as well as a few expensive ways to make your eyelashes thick and longUse essential oils for your eyelashes..[toc]

Different methods to employ

Improving health of lash is achieved either by augmenting health of hair or the hair follicle. We may also improve the nutrition supplied. We classify how to grow eyelashes methods into the following categories.

  1. Improve The Elasticity Of The Skin Of The Eyelids

    1. Avoid excess UV rays – use sunscreen: Excess ultraviolet rays will dry up the skin and subsequently, the hair. Use a sunshade for the head if you plan to spend a long time in the sun.
    2. Use moisturizers: Water is the essence of life and your hair thrives on moisture. Try out some moisturizers and pick the one that suits you best. It will give you a natural look.
    3. Conditioners: You get readymade conditioners from beauty shops. But you must avoid using them since they contain chemicals. Go in for natural conditioners like
    4. Growth supplements – lupinus albus seed extract, pathenol, silica, colloidal silver, glycerin, bimatoprost: Combination supplement that strengthens and makes lashes grow better. They help moisturize the eyelash, and keep them healthy in the follicles.
    5. Nutrition: Most important by far, many of us forget how important nutrition is to the health of hair.
    6. Brush eyelashes: Brushing eyelashes will untangle it and thus help the health of the lash.
    7. Massage: Gentle massage will improve the blood flow to the lash and help strengthen it. Make this a habit.
    8. Natural essential oils: Use natural oils whenever possible – while bathing, while relaxing before bed time and when you apply conditioners for your skin. This will help your skin become firm and the eyelash become healthy.
    9. Avoid pollutants: If you pass through places that are highly polluted such as roads with excess traffic or factories that spew out gases cover your head and face with a shawl. If possible, wear a full face helmet as this will help keep out most of the dust and dirt.
  2. Grow healthy eyelashes by caring for them.Improve Hair Condition

    1. Eat hair food: Protein helps prevent your hair from becoming dull and brittle. Diets low in proteins could contribute to hair loss. Dairy products, fish, egg and meat are rich in proteins as also are nuts and legumes. Iron helps keep the nutrition supply levels up. Lentils, spinach and broccoli have good amounts of this nutrient. Iron absorption is augmented by vitamin C. Strawberries, oranges, lime and sweet potatoes contain lots of this nutrient. Scalp lining cells require omega-3 fatty acids to keep the moisture levels up. Avocado, pumpkin seeds and walnuts contain enough of this. Zinc and vitamin A are also required to prevent flakiness of scalp and to produce sebum for the hair.
    2. Use oils and gels: Prominent among the health gels and oils are the following:
      1. Castor oil: Thickens and strengthens lashes while imparting additional shine to the hair.
      2. Coconut oil: By itself, coconut oil provides wonderful hair texture since it is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins.
      3. Olive oil: Renowned for making lashes thick, olive oil is rich in oleic acid and vitamin E. You need to apply it for a month or two to see results.
      4. Almond oil: Rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, almond oil is needed for the health of your hair and eyelashes.
    3. Provide adequate nourishment and keep healthy

      1. Massage for the eyelids: Before you go to bed at night, apply oil preferably coconut oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil or Vaseline on the rims of the eyes. Massage gently until you feel relaxed.
      2. Trim your lashes: Even if your eyelashes are short, trimming them will strengthen them. The nourishment now is used by a lesser amount of hair.
      3. Lemon peels: Lemon peel needs a good soaking in olive oil. Leave it for 4 days and then make it into a paste. Apply this on the eyelashes before going to bed.
      4. Calendula flower: Extract of the calendula flower mixed with cornflower applied regularly helps to make the lashes thick.
      5. Don’t pull: An important thing you need to understand is that pulling will make the lash thin. Avoid using this under any circumstance.
    4. Avoid dirt accumulation – remove makeup: This is useful for the simple reason that it helps improve the hygiene of your face. It restores the natural pH value and helps the eyelash thrive.
  3. Eat HealthyKeep track of pollution in and around your workplace.

      1. Good all round diet: Diet – apple, guava, meat, fish, eggs, green vegetables, fruits; also drink plenty of water as this improves the circulation, sending more nourishment to the hair follicles and lashes and helps remove dirt from the body system.
      2. Get enough rest: When you rest, the nervous system becomes relaxed. This will help to strengthen them and in turn they make the lashes stronger.
      3. Grape juice with vitamin E: Supplement your favorite drink with vitamin E – it works wonders.
      4. Gram flour and sprouts: Use topical application with gram flour and paste of sprouts. It rejuvenates the entire face and eyelid region. This puts more vigor into the eyelash.

Special Applications

Lash accelerator: Lash serums have special reagents like ceramides, wheat proteins, arginine infused serum, hyaluronic acid, ginseng, biotin, green tea, witch hazel and horse chestnut that encourage the hair follicle into delivering optimum nourishment, strengthens hair so that the eye borders are now populated by lustrous growth.

Bottom Line on Best Methods

Now that you have the entire spectrum of methods that show how to grow eyelashes you should be fairly happy. Choose one method that suits you and see if the results are good. Remember to keep off the strong chemicals and lengthy applications that last for more than six or seven months.


While hair growth is gene-specific and depends a lot on the area where you are located, you can do many things to make your eyelashes healthy and good looking. Usually, once your lashes recover their health, they will stay that way.

44 Responses

  1. My lashes would keep falling out and my eyes had a bland look. I used wheat protein and coconut oil massage and within a week the eyelashes were healthy and strong again.

  2. My girl uses coconut oil for her hair and her lashes. It helps to make the hair lustrous and healthy.

  3. I could never develop eyelashes that were long and beautiful. I followed the advice of the members at my women’s club and began to eat more nutrition rich food. I keep the eyes covered in places where there is a lot of pollution. I now have a decent set of lashes.

  4. Desmonda

    My little girl has very poorly developed lashes. I have begun oil massages. I have added the hair food to the diet. She should show improvement soon.

  5. Hey this is great. My girlfriend told me about the grape juice with vitamin E trick. I am now getting longer lashes. Thanks.

  6. Tracy Evans

    The lemon peel method is really fantastic. I think that should show some progress for my little sister. Have a good day.

  7. Gertie

    Plenty of greens will help keep the eyes clear, but what about the eyelashes? Should I take some special diet for that?

  8. Desmonda

    Yes Gertie, you must pay more attention to your diet for hair and skin. Green vegetables, fish and vitamin E is best for this.

  9. I have sprouts of grams every other day. My husband wants this for his exercise schedule. I sneak some from his cup of sprouts.

  10. I too like long eyelashes. How should I grow them?

  11. Administration

    The first thing Eve is to eat healthy ‘hair food’. You can see it given above. Next, clean your face and lashes and apply oil or gel. Hair needs good conditions to survive.

  12. Donald Fredrick

    Is it true that you must eat nutritious food for hair?

  13. Donald Fredrick

    How important is healthy food for hair? We eat good food anyway.

  14. John McCormack

    Hair needs its own nutrition. It is the reason why many people who neglect their ‘hair food’ become bald fast. Sometimes, it is due to insufficient amount of vitamin C. Make sure your diet is balanced.

  15. Donald Fredrick

    What you say is right. Thanks.

  16. My friend Jenny has nice thick lashes. Now I have read about it. Thank you for the post, it is very useful.

  17. Sophia

    I like to have long lashes. Unfortunately mine are short.

  18. Malik

    I like to see girls with thick eyelashes. It makes the eyes look beautiful.

  19. Hilda Herbert

    Do you think that I can grow longer eyelashes?

  20. Hilda Henry

    How effective is the method to grow eyelashes?

  21. John McCormack

    Eyelashes are hereditary. But if you follow the diet and the precautions, you should be able to get thicker lashes.

  22. Polga Mehta

    Growing hair is so difficult. But your article gives many nice tips. Thanks to you all.

  23. Why do different people have different thickness of the eyelashes?

  24. John McCormack

    That is purely genetic Dona. Like the color of your hair or skin, it depends on the genes passed on from your parents.

  25. Why this eyelashes are so hard to grow?

  26. Polga Mehta

    @Shyla you know it is inherited from your parents. So, only if your parents have good hair growth, you will also have.

  27. John McCormack

    Try Calendula flower extract or hibiscus leaf. It helps if you use essential oils.

  28. Perbila

    I always use coconut oil for my eyelashes. Sometimes, Mom makes me use castor oil but I don’t like it. It is so sticky!

  29. You know Perbila, you should not use too many different oils. It can cause skin problems.

  30. Polga Mehta

    Calendula flower is great. I tried it and it is wonderful. I don’t know about coconut oil though.

  31. Perbila

    Yes, thanks Shyla. I will try Calendula and hibiscus. Thanks to you all.

  32. Castor oil makes hair strong. I always use it.

  33. I did not know strawberries and lime were hair food. Does it make hair grow?

  34. Yes, Gertrude, they contain essential nutrients for hair. I have plenty of fruits regularly.

  35. Oh I see. You use castor oil. Does it help?

  36. Definitely! I use it for my hair and for my children’s hair too. The hair becomes very thick.

  37. Definitely! I use it for my hair and for my children’s hair too. The hair becomes very thick.

  38. Thanks Pinora. I must try it and see.

  39. Moisturisers will help a lot. Thanks. How often must I use the moisturiser?

  40. John McCormack

    Moisturisers will help you if you do not let the skin dry out. Feel your skin with your fingertips and if you feel it is dry apply the moisturiser.

  41. I always carry mu moisturizer with me. Use it every two hours Pinky.

  42. So nice to listen to your advice Dona. Thanks, John. I will do as you say.

  43. John McCormack

    You are welcome, Pinky.

  44. Peris Langdon

    I have to try the lupinus albus seed extract, I eat lots of strawberries, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds.

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