How to Remove Plantar Warts and How to Define Them?

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Everyone is nice to have healthy and beautiful legs. But, unfortunately, often take many diseases of the skin of the feet, such as plantar warts, cosmetic defect. In fact it may be a disease that must be treatedHow to remove plantar warts?.[toc]

Plantar warts are benign growths on the plantar surface of the foot. Some refer to them as cosmetic defects. But in most cases, these formations give a man a lot of inconvenience.

These entities are usually painful to stand, to wear shoes to walk. When there is pain, people begin to think about how to remove plantar warts. If the try to disinfect their own national methods, a benign tumor can go into malignant.

The look of plantar warts?

This warts have a look round and tight formations, which are characterized by a very thickened and horny layer of the skin. These formations are superficial and, in the later stages, deep. Surface education usually protrude above the skin surface, at that time, how deep are in the midst of the leather, and in the center there is a small kind of deepening. Plantar warts can be found on the toes, the surface of the heel, and in other places, who are often subjected to friction, pressure and other mechanical impacts, especially while driving. One does not disinfected thoroughly warts in the surrounding tissues can quickly receive other warts, which ultimately complicates treatment.

Why do I get plantar warts?

The main cause of warts on the bottom of the foot, in all cases, one is the human papilloma virus (HPV), which causes local hypertrophic growth of the surface layer of the epidermis. This can be observed in different parts of the body.

HSV can be detected in most people. However, not all developing pathology. In the development of this disease plays a significant role individual predisposition to him and lowered immunity, and other diseases of infectious and not infectious Genesis. Immunosuppression may occur due to various reasons.

Who is at risk of infection?

The highest level of probability of infection by the human papilloma virus seen in people who during professional activities can often injure and damage the skin. Potentially these dangerous professions in respect of human papilloma virus include the following professions: • Builders • Employees of the meat processing factories and workshops; • Employees of the fish processing plants and workshops; • People who often shave legs, hands and other body parts.

How to treat plantar warts?

How to treat plantar warts?Modern medicine offers people a lot of different methods to remove plantar warts. For example, you can remove them by using the classical surgical removal of excess surface tissues (it uses a special pointed spoon Volkmann), electrocoagulation, you can also remove the wart with liquid nitrogen, laser and other things.

Before deleting necessarily problematic area is treated with antiseptic (mainly Iodinol). Further treated place around warts analgesic a local anesthetic (lidocaine, novocaine, and so on), followed by surgery. After a wart removed with a knife or electrocoagulation in its place it is possible scarring. If cryosurgery liquid nitrogen procedure is performed several times, and the place warts can form a thermal burn, which can start to fester.

The best advice how to remove plantar warts.

From all introduces a variety of options, how to treat plantar warts, best effective method is to use a laser beam. This process is quite fast, efficiently, effectively and painlessly. After her wound healing occurs only in few days.

You shouldn’t cut warts! It is fraught with that you can leave some modified cells at the base of warts, so to say, its root. But surgeons remove a wart on necessary depth and send it to the lab for cytological examination. The result of this study is determined was the process of formation of warts are benign or malignant.

Remember, only superficial plantar warts can be treated with ointments.

In any case, how to remove plantar warts You precisely and correctly can say only a doctor-specialist. Self-treatment can only be detrimental to Your health.

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  1. Rebecca

    It hurt to walk. About sore heel, so I learned that can hurt warts, now just go to the doctor.

  2. Carter

    Recently went to the doctor, told me that the plantar wart. HORROR! Where I could pick it.

  3. I had a wart and the doctor was very efficient. He took it off with surgery very fast. I am very grateful indeed.

  4. Ismy Kudiram

    I developed plantar warts in my feet and I could not walk at all. After I got treatment I am more careful and use the ointment the doctor gave me. It works.

  5. My brother had this and he could not go to work. Then he had them operated and now he is fine.

  6. I remove the wart by rubbing with a knife. I do not feel pain.

  7. When I get the wart, I scrape it off with a hacksaw blade. No problem.

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