Natural Hair Louse Control Methods with Tea-Tree Essential Oil

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Louse attacks scalp giving scratchy feeling.One child in every thirteen in America suffers with louse infestation. However this problem has an easy answer. If we treat the hair using essential tea tree oil lice simply disappears. It works wonderfully for people suffering from scalp conditions  as it chases parasites away overnight.

Growing struggle with Louse Infestation

Louse infestation occurs they feed on oils and nutrients present on the scalp. Louse along with its eggs, white colored tiny things fall to shoulder from hair. Because they have small size they spread fast. Since adults too easily obtain infestation, one must be careful.

Only a well nourished and fit scalp will give you healthy conditions for roots of hair to grow. For normal circumstances, using good oil and combing keeps  them healthy. As mentioned parasite infestation comes naturally from other children. These insects have 3mm length. If left untreated, it will multiply profusely leading to more itchiness in the head.
Use home care treatment methods
When you use the oil the louse simply disappears overnight. Reason is the inherent collection of medical goodness present. Apart from this, it has absolutely no side effects. Here are its properties.
• Antiviral in that it suppresses growth of virus
• Antiseptic useful to kill germs
• Antibacterial properties make them good agents to kill bacteria
Natural insecticide properties also come in useful
• Antifungal nature does not allow fungus to thrive

Oil has multiple benefits like making the scalp soothing and at the same time killing the louse and eggs. Continued use of oil will help your hair immensely. Irritation is removed through continued use.

Preparations that augment scalp well being

Scratching makes sore worse.Spend some time everyday for the well being of your hair. It will help you develop a good personality and save you from itching. Here are the methods:

• Nutritious diet to provide hair/scalp nutrition
• Regular hair washing, brushing
• Tying up hair with ribbons will help you avoid split ends
• Take supplements like VitaminE and iron tonic

Health food for hair includes these:

a) Fish
b) Nuts
c) Lean-beef
d) Beans
e) Poultry

Iron and protein help strengthen hair. Lean red meat, peanuts, almonds, eggs, low-fat cheese, avocados, wheat bran, beer, bananas, raisins, oats, dark green vegetables, sweet potatoes, oysters, omega-3 fatty acid containing food fatty fish, fruits, vegetable oils provide much need nourishment. Vitamin C, vegetable proteins, fiber, vitamin A, zinc, silica, biotin are very nutritious.

Essential oil shampoo with Teatree oil

One may make many hair preparations from Teatree oil. Some of them use essential oils while others use shampoo or conditioners. You can keep your hair free from worries using this.

  1. Teatree oil shampoo: Take two portions teatree oil and mix ten portions of eucalyptus oil. Mix with generous amounts of shampoo. Gently stir, store in container. The shampoo is ready.
  2. All weather mix: Take 3tbsp coconut oil, mix 2oz conditioner. Add oil. Stir well. Before you have bath, apply this. Rinse hair thoroughly.
  3. Split ends: Slightly unorthodox yet effective for quick action, this mixture must be prepared and used freshly each time. Take 8 drops oil add alcohol, say about 1½ ounces. Check the places on your scalp where redness is seen. Spray this mix and wash after 10 minutes.
  4. Regular use of coconut oil mixed together with tea-tree oil prevents lice infestation.Mix using Olive oil: Olive oil is filled with nutritious elements like fatty acids that help replenish your scalp. Use the usual ratio of 2 tablespoons of essential oil to 3 drops of teatree oil. Wash and brush out dead lice.
  5. Mix having vinegar: Vinegar has the inherent property of keep the scalp moisturized. Apply vinegar by itself or with teatree oil and tie a towel around your head at night. Wash with warm water and brush.
  6. Spray or shampoo: One can have much variety with the preparations. The oil can be used in its raw form as a spray or use it along with shampoo. When preparing the mix for the shampoo, use eucalyptus essential oil to dilute the teatree oil. As a spray, use it on furniture, and all corners of the room. This will help prevent spread of lice.
  7. Lavender mix: Lavender oil has good medical properties. It is antiseptic, antimicrobial and has antispasmodic properties. Mix in the usual ratio with teatree oil and use before your bath.

There are no rigid rules for measure of ingredients you use in each mix. Just increase or decrease any ingredient which is working or not working – you will develop one that is well suited for you.

Take sure steps to tackle nit

Louse lays eggs known as nits. They are white and tiny and attach to root of hairs. They spread on contact. When you sleep, these nits will cover your pillow and bed spread. When someone else uses the same pillow or sheet, they will become infested with lice or nits.


Prevention proves best solution as was proved by one mother who used this oil since her childhood and never had any problems of louse infestation. In fact, many children in America go through life without ever knowing or encountering infestation in their hair. Moreover, these problems respond well to treatment.

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  1. Julia Reynold

    My two darling daughters have horrible hair. If very week I wash their heads with tea tree oil. They get the lice from their schoolmates. Yes, it is tough going through school.

  2. Never put off things till very late. My girl never has lice problems. I use lavender—tea-tree oil mix for her.

  3. Jel Kaadhi

    Being free of lice is heaven for us. We like to roam around and have fun without the problems present on our heads always. This article shows us how our freedom can be obtained.

  4. When I was young, I used to have hair problem. Unimaginable to thing I got through those difficult days! If I had known about this treatment, I might have had a better life.

  5. Doreen

    Lots of nice information here in your medical tips article. I find it useful.

  6. Charlotte Bringham

    As children we, my sister’s and me, four of us, always had trouble with hair lice. If one of us lost it, the others would give it to her. My mother had a hectic time brushing all our heads.
    Reading this I began to remember the good old days. Thanks.

  7. Jill Sanders

    It is nice to read about such things. I will try the oil in a few days. Thanks.

  8. Hazel

    Yes, the lice are such a problem. I remember my neighbor’s children rubbing and scratching their heads all the time.

  9. Chelsea Roberts

    I remember the times when I was in school. I used to have this problem with lice and boy! I would feel scratchy all day long. My mom tried lots of stuff on me including rose oil and orange oil. But, I kept getting the lice from my classmates. When I grew up, I learnt to take care of my head.

  10. Julie Simon

    Taking care of hair is a major issue in most houses with growing children. But, I never had that problem.

  11. Jel Mason

    How long does the herbal preparations last?

  12. John McCormack

    Herbal preparations do not spoil since they are natural products. They will last indefinitely.

  13. Sabina

    Hair lice are so irritating that I feel like pulling out my hair. But, essential oils work well and also combing.

  14. Alice Demrot

    Poor children suffer so much from this hair problem.

  15. It is difficult to take care of hair. How do know if we have louse in the hair?

  16. John McCormack

    Yes, it is indeed. You know you have lice if you have itching. Other than that, you will notice white powdery spots on your hair after combing. Sometimes, this will appear on your shoulders.

  17. Louse is so strong for my girls. I keep on combing their head, applying oils but it always comes back. This growing period is so difficult. Mother wants to know is there any other way around this problem?

  18. John McCormack

    I understand but unfortunately, there is no other way. Remember, when you treat the scalp, the skin might dry out and lead to more problems. so, keep it nourished.

  19. Yes, thanks just the same.

  20. I understand the need for beauty aid. How good is Milk of Magnesia for dry skin?

  21. How nice to read this. I use tea tree oil for many things.

  22. Does the lice grow if the scalp is dry?

  23. John McCormack

    Yes, the lice grow in all conditions.

  24. So, can we kill them?

  25. John McCormack

    Yes, certain chemical compounds will kill. But, the best method is to avoid them.

  26. John McCormack

    Ah, thank you doctor. I really am happy to interact with you.

  27. John McCormack

    You are welcome, Gerald.

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