Beauty Aid Milk of Magnesia Primer: Blessing or Disaster

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Milk of Magnesia primer is not suitable for dry skin.Just a couple of years ago, people used just about anything on their faces. All they needed to hear was that somebody else is using it. Now that we are going through the knowledge boom, everyone wants to know everything before they use any product. Milk of Magnesia primer as a beauty cream or base seems to have found favor with many fashionable ladies. Yet, it has many shortcomings that make it unsuitable for use as a beauty primer.

Chemical Composition and Action of Milk of Magnesia

Milk of magnesia is so called due to the milky texture of the lotion. This is magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) a very alkaline substance. It is a suspension in water.

During times of digestive troubles, the OH- group takes care of the pesky H+ ions and they become water. This removes your tummy ache instantly. When acting as a laxative, the Magnesium Hydroxide performs osmotic action. Water is drawn out from the lining of the stomach. This increased water improves the motility of the feces and thereby augments bowel movement.

Utility Value of Milk of Magnesia

In general, it is popular because it is the general man-around-the-house. It takes care of multiple problems simultaneously and so is well regarded by the ladies of the house.

  • Helps solve digestive complications
  • An admirable laxative
  • Breaks down oil on skin
  • Increases pH value to 10.4
  • Helps with heartburn
  • Useful as remedy for canker sores
  • Improves bowel movement
  • Uses of milk of magnesia
  • Cleans oily texture of skin and blemishes
  • Use it as a primer
  • Get rid of shining face
  • Remove blackhead and suntan
  • Tones the skin
  • Balances complexion and hides skin rash

You might have had this admirable medicine in either tablet, capsule or liquid form. The liquid form is most interesting for children because of the added flavors. However, people find another use for this medicine. They use it as a makeup primer for oily skin. Indeed, it does work but do watch out. The effect of Milk of Magnesia primer on facial skin is not all that recommended. But first let us examine why people like this beauty care lotion and how it sizes up as a reliable makeup aid used by women.

When you use Milk of Magnesia, be sure to drink plenty of water.Use as Face Care Solution

To rank high in the beauty care for women an item has to satisfy one condition – it must add beauty. This is true for creams, lotions and all skin care aid. In all, it must give adequate protection to the skin.

Magnesium Hydroxide (chemical name of Milk of Magnesia) is an alkaline suspension with a pH of around 10.45. When you apply this on your face, it makes the entire surface alkaline. The sebaceous glands of the skin of your face keep the surface oily. When this becomes too much, we have an oily skin.

Bacteria that attack the face skin is kept off through a clever method. It is acid mantle. This covers the skin with acid layer that has pH of 4.7 to 5.1 which is enough to defend against intruders. When you apply the magnesium hydroxide, it increases the acidity to 10.4. This completely wipes out the acid mantle. Of course, you will not have any oil on your face but then you will not have any protection too from attacks from bacteria.

Use as Skin Beauty Lotion

As Beauty Care for Women

Women use this to care for the skin of the face. People who have oily skin can use it to remove excess oiliness of their face. It provides a chalky cover that gives adequate protection for face skin when exposed to the elements. However, it removes the acid mantle and therefore should be used discreetly.

It has an admirable property of removing moisture. This will help because you may use it as an effective underarm deodorant. It will help prevent clothes showing tell-tale marks of sweat. It prevents excessive sweating too.

Use on the face is not recommended. Primarily because it has a chalky texture. It leaves a residue of whitish powder that cakes off and looks weird under the makeup. Now if you are putting on makeup for a play or drama rehearsal, then this might look the part alright.

This lotion is common to almost all households.Useful Tips and checks to use this beauty lotion


  1. Causes skin tightness and dryness
  2. Might result in chalky appearance if not applied properly
  3. Some people get allergic reaction and skin irritation
  4. Not suitable for dry skin

Check while using the lotion

  1. Shake the bottle well before you try to use
  2. Use only once or twice a week
  3. People with oily skin find it useful
  4. Use only a small quantity
  5. Do you notice any unwanted reactions –  then discontinue use

Bottom line on this cosmetic lotion

People prefer to use Milk of Magnesia as a deodorant but not as a makeup base. Its best use is as laxative or digestive lotion. So, it is always useful around the house. Avoid using it on your face…if you can.

30 Responses

  1. Doris K.

    I do not know how much we in my family are indebted to this magic potion. In fact the it is like my grandma to me. I use for my children now. Nice to come across something like this.

  2. I cannot imagine a childhood without this wonderful soothing companion. The little bottle would always be there in the medicine cabinet and we loved it a lot.

  3. My granny favors this lotion over a visit to the clinic. She will say, ‘Have a teaspoon full dear, it will pass’, and sure enough it always did

  4. I cannot forget Milk of Magnesia because it has a swell taste. We use to fake tummy aches to get a sip of this medicine.

  5. Mary Eliza

    Can we use this for all stomach problems?

  6. Administration

    No Ms Eliza. Milk of Magnesia is useful for mild digestive upsets only. It can cure your constipation. If you have recurring complaints of the stomach, you have to consult your doctor.

  7. Why is this lotion soo popular?

  8. Administration

    People use it to cure their stomach ailments. At the same time, they apply it as a face beauty treatment option.

  9. Gaby Jensen

    No, I never believe in home remedies. But, we used to have this bottle in my grandma’s house.

  10. Chamilie

    Can we use Milk of Magnesia as makeup base?

  11. Administration

    Yes, you can Chamilie. But take care because it can dry out the skin and remove the essential oils.

  12. Celisa

    Is Milk of Magnesia harmful for the skin?

  13. John McCormack

    Actually, no. It is not harmful. But in one sense, it does raise the pH levels above 10. This will remove the protective layer on the skin. So, too much use is not good.

  14. I like this blue bottle. My mother kept it in the kitchen for our stomach troubles.

  15. Koppel

    Just love the stuff, I have used Milk of Magnesia since I was a child. It always is a permanent fixture in our house.

  16. This is very popular among the older set. I used to see it in my grandmother’s place. Why should we keep this handy?

  17. John McCormack

    It has a number of uses most of which pertain to digestion. People use it as a beauty treatment lotion though there is nothing that helps the skin. It will remove the oil and this might cause problems.

  18. Mel Pakadey

    I used to have plenty of blackheads. I used Milk of Magnesia and now I am free from any blemishes. But, the facial skin becomes very dry.

  19. Milk of Magnesia is very good for digestion I an say.

  20. Andy Booria

    Yes, this is a blessing we can count on.

  21. Yes, you are right. It does make the skin dry.

  22. I have seen many women with a whitish powder on thier face. Guess they put too much of Milk of Magnesia on. I did not know it had therapeutic properties. Nice article.

  23. I understand the need for beauty aids. How good is Milk of Magnesia for dry skin?

  24. John McCormack

    It makes the skin dry. You should use some moisturiser to keep your skin soft.

  25. Doris Key

    I was passing by and thought I might see how you are all doing. I still use the Milk of Magnesia and adore it. Maybe that is the reason why we all have the unique facial brightness all day long.

  26. John McCormack

    There is nothing so simple in using the beauty aid. You deserve the lotion and we are all happy to see your good fortune.

  27. John McCormack

    Yes, Mr McCormack, I know I made the right choice due to my grandmother. I still feel grateful. Thanks for such a nice write up.

  28. Doris Key

    Yes, Mr McCormack, I know I made the right choice due to my grandmother. I still feel grateful. Thanks for such a nice write up.

  29. John McCormack

    You are welcome Ms Key.

  30. Good lotion, use it frequently.

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