Learning the Cure for Ringworm Including Natural Remedies

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Unlike psoriasis that is life threatening, dermatophytosis (medical name for ringworm) is not harmful. You can be free of the infection within 4 days of beginning treatment. This is by fungus. Here you see what causes the ailment and what the symptoms are. And then we must learn how to cure ringworm.Red lesions or discoloration is seen on surface of skin


Disease-causing fungi are three in number among the numerous ones – the microsporum canis, epidermophyton floccosum and trichophyton rubrum. There is the possibility that they can exist in the soil and so one may come in contact with them if one works in the soil.

You have increased chances of contacting the disease spreading fungus if:

  1. You work bare feet
  2. Take showers in public bathrooms
  3. Use unwashed clothing
  4. Share personal items like brush or combs

Symptoms of the ailment

Formation of red scaly patches together with the formation of blisters is the most commonly seen symptoms. It may sometimes prove to be itchy.

Causes for this infection

This infection spreads commonly through skin-to-skin contact. If you have close contact with a person or animal (cat or dog) that has this ailment, you will develop the infection. You can also develop symptoms by touching the clothes or personal effects of the affected person. The ringworm can be seen within 4 to 9 days of first contact. Ringworm of the scalp will take 10 to 14 days to manifest.

We now know how to cure ringworm and what steps to take if anyone near to us is infected by this ailment.

Types of ringworm

This parasitic worm is microscopic in size and lives on dead skin cells. One may classify them based on the location of occurrence.

  • Tinea pedis – forms on legs
  • Tinea barbea – forms on all bearded regions
  • Tinea cruris – found in the groin region
  • Tinea capitis – see lumps over head scalp
  • Tinea faciei – scales occur on facial zone
  • Tinea unguium – toe and fingernails discolor and crumble
  • Tinea manus – worms occur between fingers sometimes on palm
  • Tinea corporis – it forms anywhere

Testing for ringworm

The examining physician scrapes cells where your skin is discolored. He then places it in Potassium Hydroxide solution. Normal cells perish, only infected cells will remain. Examination under the microscope will tell the doctor how serious the infection is, if it present.

Medicines plus Home Remedies for Tinea

Medicines That Provide Effective Treatment

Use topical creams for ringworm infectionNon prescription medicines:

Use anti-fungal creams containing clotrimazole along with betamethasone, miconazole or allylamines like terbinafine. Terbinafine can be taken in powder form by sprinkling on the food. One very popular antifungal medication is tolnaftate that goes by the name of Tinactin. It is available as spray, gel, cream or lotion.

Cases where burning is present: 

When ringworm infection gives a burning sensation, Lotrisone (combination medication of corticosteroid along with anti-fungal medicine – betamethasone + clotrimazole) will be used. One has to discontinue use of this prescription medicine within 2 weeks of first application since it has corticosteroids.

Harmful side-effects:

When one takes anti-fungal pills, one must watch kidney/liver functions as also blood count. One may do this by getting the advice of the family doctor.

Home Treatment for Ringworm Infestation 

Ringworm infestation or Tinea as you call it technically, has many cures. This skin condition is not considered serious though it might reach dangerous levels if it affects the scalp. Any common over-the-counter drug is sufficient to cure ringworm infestation. Since you develop ringworm at different regions of the body, treatment varies according to infestation region. This is contagious. So when we consider the matter of how to cure ringworm we invariably think about safety first.

Commonly Used Natural Remedies 

  1. Allium sativum preparation: Ajoene present in allium sativum (garlic) has anti-fungal properties. Used freshly pressed pods and add honey and olive-oil for putting on skin.
  2. Turmeric: Turmeric oil contains zingiberone, atlantone together with turnerone which give it antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties.
  3. Aloe vera: Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. Slice any leaf to take the gel within the plant body. Put this gel in the regions where you have rashes.
  4. Lemongrass tea: Drink lemongrass tea to remove bacteria or virus within the system. For topical application paste made from the lemongrass herb is used.
  5. Camphor: The strong odor of camphor has good anti-fungal properties. It has been used in India and China since time immemorial for treating ringworm.
  6. Teatree oil: Antiseptic and anti-fungal properties of teatree oil makes it a preferred treatment ingredient. Do not mix oil to other oils since efficacy of oil becomes reduced.
  7. Ringworm cure will take only four days.Apple-vinegar: High acidity of the vinegar helps control fungus. Test with a vinegar on a small region of your hand first to see whether your skin develops sensitivity. Presence of burning sensation tells you to try some other method.
  8. Lavender/Jojoba oil: This soothing remedy comprises of taking drops of oil of lavender in a suspension of oil of jojoba to cover affected skin region.
  9. Coconut oil: Lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty-acid that kills fungus, has antiviral properties too. They act by destroying outer protective layers of the pathogens. Do not use hydrogenated oil.
  10. Vinegar/salt: Salt helps because it has astringent properties. Sea salt paste or combination of salt+ vinegar is applied to affected area. Wait until half an hour is passed. You can also use bare salt.
  11. Olive-leaf juice: Olive-leaf extract helps nullify action of fungus. It stops the amino acid creation that the viruses need.

Topical application: Clean the rash with water and wait for it to dry. Use the topical medicine or oil to swab the rash with cotton balls. The reddish area must be completely covered with medicine or oil. Repeat the process times every day.


Ordinary treatment with topical creams will cure this ailment within 4 days. Chances for recurrence remain negligible. Complications do not happen though in some rare cases secondary skin infections could take place.

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  1. Recently we relocated our house to the countryside. Tom got ringworm infestation on his hands and legs. We found out that it came from the dog we adopted when we moved in. He has recovered and we now keep the dog chained.

  2. My son had this last fall. I applied aloe vera and turmeric on the red rashes. They disappeared within the end of the week.

  3. When I got ringworm infection I became miserable. When I got them, I rushed over to see my doctor. He assured me that it was nothing serious and gave me creams to apply. Just like he said, they all disappeared within the week.

  4. I did not pay much attention to the red rashes on my arms when they first appeared. However, they soon developed into blisters and began to ooze. I then took medication for fungal infection. They all disappeared within 6 or 6 days.

  5. Ringworm is a problem. I got it years back when I was in school. We used to buy pork from downtown. After I realized how I got infected, I cut pork out off my diet.

  6. Winston Knofler

    I have seen people having this mark but I think it is not serious. Reading about it I come to understand how easy to cure it.

  7. Mark Mendis

    Those ringworm scars look real bad. I must watch the food from now on. Thanks for sharing the information.

  8. Euytasia Terragon

    I get this ring like marks. What is the best cure?

  9. John McCormack

    First, avoid pork in your diet. Use any antifungal cream or any of the natural remedies given above. Since it is contagious, you must avoid social contact until you are cured.

  10. Euytasia Terragon

    Yes, I have lot of pork. I will switch to beef. Thank you.

  11. John McCormack

    You are welcome Ms. Terragon.

  12. Fred Michael

    I did not know that we can use coconut oil. Thanks.

  13. Anastasia

    Public exposure, swimming in public pools and things like that cause many diseases. But ringworms is most irritating and repulsive.

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