Spit test for Candida – Self Diagnosis?

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Spit test for CandidaCandida is a broad grouping of certain yeasts. This genus is the most frequent cause of fungal infections; however, many species of Candida are benign and even helpful, albeit not to the human body. We will not be discussing those here – the primary concern for this discussion is to teach a method for preliminary screening method for determining whether one has an oral Candida infection, and how to treat it if the diagnosis is definite. This spit test for Candida infection is actually very simple to do:

  • First thing you should do after waking up is to get a glass of clean water. Do not brush your teeth or put anything in your mouth before this. It may help to prepare a glass by your bedside to remind you of this.
  • Instead of drinking this water, build up your saliva and spit in the glass of water. Get as much saliva as you can in the water. It may help to close your lips to ensure that no air goes in and then suck in to elicit more saliva to come out of their glands.
  • Wait for a few minutes – three should be enough. In the meantime you could brush your teeth or drink another glass of water.
  • Examine how the spit is in the glass. If you spot tiny filaments hanging from the water line, tiny particles floating in the water, or you see that your saliva has precipitated, or clouded up at the bottom of the glass, then that means you may have an oral Candida infection.

Please keep in mind that this do-it-yourself diagnostic procedure is, as of this edition, not verified by medical literature. It only relies on the fact that if there are fungi in your saliva, they will be revealed by placing them in a clearer, purer medium than your saliva. The fibers present are the filaments (hyphae) of the Candida, which are present in most species of fungi. The other possible signs of Candida mentioned in the spit test procedure are from the physical properties of the fungus in question. Since Candida ferments sucrose (table sugar) and glucose to acids, these products may present as a different substance in the person’s saliva, more easily seen as a cloudy formation in the pure water. The tiny particles that may be present represent the fungus spores.

It must be stressed that since there is no current formal medical literature supporting this test, this is merely a factor to contribute to going to your physician. More definite signs of a Candida infection are whitish plaques present along the mucous membranes of the mouth, which may be painful to the touch and can be scraped off.

Candida can be different.If Candida is present, do not use antibiotics without a prescription. In the first place, antibiotics should not at all be used without the prescription of a doctor, and should be used according to the physician’s instructions. Candida infections have been known to happen because the strain has displayed resistance to antibiotics and could no longer be treated with the antibiotics available. Please do not expose Candida, or any other bacteria or fungus, to antibiotics because of the possibility that some may survive. Besides this, do not take antibiotics and leave the course unfinished. Just because the symptoms have subsided does not mean that the infection has ended. The bacteria or fungi that are left have proven themselves capable of living through the antibiotic, and therefore will pass down their antibiotic resistance to their offspring, leaving us with a strain resistant to the antibiotic treatment normally used for the bacteria or fungus in question.

In any case, it is best to seek professional medical advice. This is only meant to guide you to proper treatment. This spit test for Candida infection and its result should be taken with a grain of salt, as there are other things that could cause a false positive or false negative.

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  1. Skally

    Are there other symptoms of Candida that I should watch out for?

  2. ChiTer

    Well at least now I know why my mouth is painful, thanks.

  3. Thanks. It helped me detect Candida in my child’s mouth and I got it treated right away.

  4. Ebenezer

    So simple. I must try it out. Great article there.

  5. Kylie Wong

    Of course, dental hygiene is very important to us I think.

  6. Medina Fernando

    That is something! I know I don’t have any problems but it is worth checking out right? Great info, thanks.

  7. Nice information, thanks.

  8. Bianca

    How does this work? I mean, is there any chemicals in my mouth?

  9. Administration

    You have bacteria in your mouth Bianca. Sometimes, these bacteria are bad bacteria that cause disease. So, you should check up often to see whether you are healthy or not.

  10. Jenny

    That is absolutely simple. I never thought this kind of testing would be working. How many times do we have to check?

  11. John McCormack

    You can check once and that is enough. This is only an indicative testing and is not confirmative by a long shot. However, you will understand if something is really wrong with your mouth.

  12. Jenny

    Then I need not do the test? Is that what you say?

  13. John McCormack

    No, the test is useful if there is something wayward in the bacteria in your mouth. You can try it and see for yourself.

  14. Jenny

    That will be so easy. I will try it today when I go to sleep.

  15. Sirus Gale

    I did not know about the spit test. I need to try it soon. Hope I have healthy bacteria in my mouth. Thanks for the info.

  16. Melinda Bayer

    How many times should we spit into the glass?

  17. John McCormack

    About one or two times should do. Your mouth might be dry and you have to get enough saliva into the glass.

  18. John McCormack

    About one or two times should do the trick. Your mouth might be dry and you have to get enough saliva into the glass.

  19. Ferguson

    How much water should we take?

  20. John McCormack

    You need very little water since too much water will prove difficult to handle. The idea is that you must be able to see the water. Use a transparent tumbler. This will help you recognize the telltale signs.

  21. Ferguson

    Thank you so much.

  22. Why should we test early in the morning?

  23. John McCormack

    Early in the morning the amount of bacteria and viruses in the mouth will be more. If you brush and wash your face, all this will be wiped out. So, then we cannot test.

  24. Thanks, how many times should we spit?

  25. John McCormack

    Once will do. If you are not able to work up enough saliva, then spit three or four times.

  26. This test will tell me about the Candida infection. That is great.

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