Can Chlamydia Be Dormant? Reason We Call It Silent Disease

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Chlamydia is renowned for its capability to resurface after a period as long as 17 –  18 years.Can chlamydia be dormant? Of course, but because of this one finds it difficult to find the exact amount of people infected. There were 1,441,771 infected people in the year 2014 in US. However, the figure is more likely to be 2.87 million. It runs rampant due to its inherent nature to remain ‘undercover’Chlamydia is known as silent disease because it can be totally asymptomatic..[toc]

People who are more susceptible

This silent disease is more prevalent among young couples. Any sexually active person can become infected. There is more chance for this infection in people who indulge in insertive coupling. If they have anal, vaginal or oral sex, they are likely candidates for an infection especially if one of the partners has any form of STD.

If during urination you have any peculiar sensations like tingling or burning you should have a check-up. Same if you develop unusual sores. Since young people will get affected more quickly, and they often ignore any mild irritation, this will spread like wildfire inside their social circles. If you see or hear about any person beginning to show signs of ailment, you should immediately warn others. You must also take care to avoid mingling in that circle of friends until you are sure it is alright to do so.

Bacterium responsible for Chlamydia

The bacterium chlamydia trachomatis causes the disease. All three Urethritis, cervicitis and proctitis can be seen in women while only the first two diseases manifest in males. This bacterium can only exist in the cervix, the fallopian tube, the cornea of your eye, or the urethra.

However, if you touch this with your hand or your buttocks, you will not become infected. Only when the specific conditions for its existence is fulfilled, it will infect you. The conditions in a swimming pool is not conducive since the amount of water is too large. In addition, there would be chlorine in the water that acts as a deterrent.You need have no fear of becoming infected by sharing the pool with someone who has this ailment.

Screening for this ailment is a must on an annual basis.Allied infection to Chlamydia

Of late in the developing world, a new kind of disease is emerging. Proctitis occurs mostly among males that couple with males. The bacterium lymphogranuloma venereum is a related disease bacterium like chlamydia.

Manifestations commonly seen

This ailment leads to more severe complications like chronic pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease and tubal factor infertility. However, in many cases the afflicted persons fail to show any physical signs indicative of disease. For this reason, incubation period cannot be defined with any degree of accuracy. That is why people ask this question, “Can chlamydia be dormant? Yes, most certainly.

Those females who are affected and show signs, whitish discharge will occur. This is while the infection is in the region of their cervix. Occasionally, this may be in the urethra. At the later stages, the disease will spread to the uterus and fallopian tubes. Now it is called pelvic inflammatory disease and even now there might not be any outward manifestations.

Those who have acute form will experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain in abdomen region or in pelvis — women
  • Tenderness of either or both uterus or cervix — for women
  • Discharge from the urethra that is watery — for men
  • Swelling and/or pain in the testicles (in a few cases) — for men

Reactive arthritis is a complication you can expect. If this occurs when the woman is pregnant, then there is increased chances for delivery that is preterm. The newborn might become infected by eye diseases of the cornea or infections of the lungs.

Can chlamydia be dormant? Yes, it is in most of the cases.Diagnosis for this infection

Analysis for this ailment should take place either by self-examination or by a nurse. Specimens are collected usually as swabs from the penis or vagina or simply urine. Most common tests would comprise of these:

  • Cell culture
  • Nucleic acid amplification tests — NAATs

Dealing with Silent Disease

Treatment consists of antibiotic course. This dose is given for a 7-day period. During this period, they have to abstain from sex. If symptoms reappear, then the person has to report to the clinic for re-evaluation. Also, since there might be no signs, you should take initiative and go in for a checkup once a year at least.

As already mentioned, the bacterium needs optimum conditions to spread. But there are chances of the person being asymptomatic. A flare up is possible after several years. Any severe illness that causes alteration in the immune system of the person (cold, viral infection, cancer) could result in the flare up. The safest way to limit the possibility of this is by taking precautions when you have intercourse. Either you or your partner should wear protective gear. Reduce the number of people who you interact with in your adventures.

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  1. Rose Bertram

    Hello fellows. I am a college student. I have seen my room mate suffer from this disease. She took the tablets and completed the course. I know it sounds dull but one must really be careful.

  2. Freddie

    I am so scared of STD that I never have sex without a condom. I always carry one in my pocket.

  3. I had chlamydia in college. Luckily it has not resurfaced maybe because I went through the entire antibiotic course

  4. Mia Gilbert

    Throwing caution out of the window and having sex with everyone you meet will probably land you in deep trouble. I think a little bit of care is needed.

  5. That is so dangerous. I did not realize that the STD can be dormant for many years. This is news to me.

  6. Christie

    Why does Chlamydia lie dormant? For how many years can it be present in the body?

  7. Administration

    Christie, the reason why it lies dormant is that the bacterium that causes the disease needs to be present in certain areas of the body to grow and survive. However, the bacterium will take some time to reach these places. Even after that, they might not manifest until it finds favorable circumstances. Thus, the disease can lie dormant for as long as 15 years even.

  8. Chamille

    I think we should be careful. This type of diseases are dangerous.

  9. How often do the signs appear?

  10. Administration

    The signs might not appear for a very long time. That is why it is called the silent disease.

  11. Marjorie

    This is a sex transmitted disease. Can we avoid it even if we have sex?

  12. Administration

    Yes, Marjorie, you can avoid it through proper hygiene. If you choose partners who are not having the disease, you will not get it.

  13. Rosa Kutty

    I did not notice any smell when my roommate in college had this disease. But maybe she was using scents to mask the smell.

  14. These kinds of infections can lead to serious problems. We have to see the remedy or avoid it all together. Can we be totally free from this?

  15. John McCormack

    Chlamydia is the silent disease. We must take protection by avoiding too much social mingling. If you have sex very frequently, then make sure your partner is not infected. Otherwise, you will land in deep trouble.

  16. So, we can have sex without getting infected?

  17. John McCormack

    Only when the conditions favor the growth of pathogens, the disease will spread. If you observe enough hygiene you might not become infected.

  18. Yes, thank you. But I am so worried that it is so open but cannot be seen ordinarily. I am now clear about this.

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