Top Three Tips to Minimize Cataract Surgery Recovery Time

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People with cataract will have serious problems seeing things clearly.Cataract causes serious concerns to some people. Eye problems have people worried. Here are the top three tips to minimize cataract surgery recovery time.

Proteins and water in the eye keep our vision functioning. At times, the proteins could form clumps. These clumps could obstruct vision. If so, you might have to consider surgical treatment for your cataract.

Keep Progressing Every Day

The top three tips to minimize cataract surgery recovery time are as given below:

  1. Plan your surgery from start to finish
  2. Do not stress the eye after surgery
  3. Follow the advice of the doctor fully

Planning your surgery needs to be an elaborate affair. Right from scheduling the appointment to the day you are totally free of the problem, every step needs careful planning. Here are the steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor
  2. Make a date for the surgery
  3. Get an attendant to help your through the procedure
  4. Arrange for rest at home
  5. Get the medicines prescribed and wait out for the period of rest

When you schedule an appointment, there are some questions you should ask. First thing is to know how advanced your cataract is. Second thing is to find out what your treatment options are. This will depend on your age and the facilities available at the clinic. Then you also need to find out what types of intraocular lenses are apt for your case. The doctor will also tell you about the risks involved and the possible side effects. This is more so if you have other medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Cataract surgery is not a serious thing.Once the date has been fixed for the surgery, you can set your house in order. Make sure an attendant is available to assist you after the surgery. Keep your transit smooth and free. Take leave from work (if you are working) and stock up on the medicines that would be required. Ask the doctor for the prescription and be one step ahead.

Need For Surgical Intervention

Cataract is the whitish growth on the surface of the eyeball that sometimes obstructs vision. Cataract may affect one or both eyes. However, the necessity for surgery is a last option. Check whether you can work properly without any trouble. Is there difficulty when you do any specialized work like sewing or cooking? Does the lighting affect the way you see things? If you have trouble doing your work, then you must go for surgery.

Remember, cataract will never affect your vision and so you can take your time making the decision. You mostly get cataracts when you grow old. When cataract forms in the second eye after you have performed surgery for the first, then it is termed as secondary cataract. Cataracts may be present from birth or might happen after you have had an accident.

Conditions Immediately After Surgery

You do need to wait after your cataract surgery. You will need to rest until the anesthesia given during the surgery wears off. Your eyes will be covered with protective glasses and pads. So, your attendant will have to walk or drive you home. Other than that, you do not have to wait at the clinic after the cataract surgery. Wear a hat when you go out in the sunlight.

Recuperation Time At Home

You will need to go back to the clinic if you face one of the following situations:

  1. It is time for the follow up
  2. You have increasing pain in the eye
  3. If you feel your eyesight is getting worse

Cataract surgery will be over very fast.
For one week following the procedure, the patient will have to take rest and keep his or her eye covered. They must not indulge in weight lifting or carrying things around. The eye pad must not be removed at any time. Things like bending or straining when passing motion can cause the stitches in the eye to come apart. Follow up is usually one week after the surgery.

Sometimes, excessive jolting and jostling might result in pain in the eye. Or an infection might happen, though this is highly unlikely. At times, you might feel like your eyesight is becoming bad. If any of these happen, you can go back for another consultation. If these do not happen, you will probably recover fully at the end of the stipulated 20 days period.

Lastly, your physician might prescribe medicines to help you recover after your operation. Be prepared to complete the entire course. Also if he insists on certain things like staying in the shade or drinking excessive water, you must obey it until your eye becomes fully all right.


If there are no complications, you should have full vision within the month if not sooner. Unless the cataract spreads to the other eye, complications will not tie you down. Intermittent pain might occur but unless it persists, there is no cause for alarm.

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  1. Rapyth Yakriya

    Cataract seems more complicated than I thought. I learned a lot today. Nice visiting your site.

  2. DeCosta Rebiero

    My eye was operated on last year. The whitish matter kept getting in my way. After the surgery I have no problems at all. Nice to read about it.

  3. My dad had whitish growth in his eye. We consulted the clinic where they advised surgery. He is now preparing for this. I am glad to read about this.

  4. Why is everyone so scared of surgery? I think it is perfectly safe and surgeons know what they do. I like to read more about this.

  5. Why is everyone so scared of surgery? I think it is perfectly safe and surgeons know what they do. I like to read more about this.

  6. Toplanov

    I do not like surgery, in fact I am scared of them. But when I got cataract, I had no choice but to undergo the operation. I am now fine and reading about it makes me smile.

  7. Keerya

    I know we must wait for full recovery after surgery. Will we feel pain after two or three months?

  8. John McCormack

    No, once the healing has taken place you will not feel any pain. But yes, like you say, you have to wait to recover fully first.

  9. Saleem Iqbal

    Eye problems can be tiresome. But like you mentioned, we must take full care.

  10. Cepat Alphonse

    I am checking in for my operation during this weekend. I am glad that I came across your site. It makes me feel at ease now. Thanks for the post.

  11. The old man next door had cataract surgery last week. He wants to see the rose plant in my garden. He could only see a blur before.

  12. Riya Pathy

    My Granny cannot see anymore. How much time does the surgery take?

  13. John McCormack

    The entire procedure will not take more than two hours. However, you must give rest to the eye, preferably, for one month at least.

  14. Riya Pathy

    Hello, thanks for everything.

  15. Raphy Roj

    Does this hurt much?

  16. John McCormack

    No, you will not feel anything. But, be sure not to use any sudden moves or lift heavy things.

  17. John McCormack

    Yes, then that is okay. Thanks.

  18. John McCormack

    You are welcome.

  19. Bedro Gonsales

    Cataract is dangerous. You cannot see. One must be careful after the operation.
    How often must we go to the hospital after the operation?

  20. John McCormack

    You will have to check in the next week. After that, the physician will tell you how often you must come.

  21. Bedro Gonsales

    Do we need to take anything?

  22. John McCormack

    Not unless you have a pain. You can ask the doctor for medicines to help ease the pain.

  23. Bedro Gonsales

    Oh, thank you so much doctor.

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