Best Ways How to Cure Stuffy Nose.

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Are you tired and irritated by your stuffy nose? Is it in the way of your daily activities? Most of us have had such an experience at some point of our lives.

There are different names for this condition like nasal congestion, nasal blockage or nasal obstruction. The reasons causing this state are also various. It can be allergy, hay fever or just a simple cold.How to cure stuffy nose?[toc]

But whatever you name it, whichever reasons underlie the state, stuffy nose prevents you from full breathing and you want a relief and cure.

How to relieve stuffy nose?

Before considering how to cure stuffy nose let’s learn about the ways how to quickly relieve it.

Blow your nose.

You would hear it from your childhood. There have been some arguments about this method. The scientists from University of Virginia examined the problem and found out that blowing one’s nose in the traditional way causes significant sinus pressure and finally makes things worse. What do they recommend? Blow one nostril at a time in combination with prescribed doses of decongestants.

Wash out your nose with salt water.

This method is said to come of Ancient China. Just add one teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water and mix everything thoroughly and then put the mixture into a dropper. Now saturate your left nostril with salt water and make it rest there for ten seconds. Then blow the nostril. Do the same procedure for your right nostril.

If you don’t have time or wish for making a mixture yourself, there is a considerable number of saline nasal sprays available in the market. They are just sea salt water in a convenient applicator. They do not contain any drugs or medications and thus do not demand a prescription.

Breathe over steam.

Put hot water into a pot. Rest your head over the pot, but be attentive not to scald yourself. Put a thick towel over your head and the pot to capture more steam. Breathe for 10 minutes or as long as water is hot and produces steam. You may use chamomile decoction instead of pure water or add a couple drops of eucalyptus oil to the pot if you like.

Use heat on the external of your nose.

For this you will need a rag of natural fabric and a glass of beans. Put the beans onto a rag and wrap them but no too tight. You will have kind of bondage. Heat the bondage in a microwave oven for 1,5-2 minutes until it is hot enough. Place the bondage onto your nose and make it stay there for 10-15 minutes.

You may use boiled eggs instead of beans for the same procedure.

How to relieve stuffy noseHow to cure stuffy nose?

Now when you have relived your stuffy nose and can breathe easier let’s consider the ways how to cure stuffy nose in a further perspective.

Use a humidifier.

If you are suffering from a stuffy nose you should take care to keep your nostrils moist all the time. When the air you breathe is too dry, the mucus isn’t flushed properly which in its turn makes drainage harder. For this reason you will need a humidifier. There are many types of them — vaporizers, impellers, ultrasonics — but they all work to moisturize air.

Be sure not to overuse a humidifier as it can be effective to a certain extent. Jungle condition in your room will do more harm than good, as it can potentially be a cause of respiratory problems.

Drink a lot of honey and lemon tea.

Drinking tea keeps you hydrated and soothes a sore throat which commonly accompanies a stuffy nose. Honey and lemon will work best to relieve and then cure your state. They are both known for their antibacterial properties and both work to boost your immune system, as lemon contains a lot of vitamin C and honey is reach in vital nutrients.

Pour hot water into a cup, squeeze there a quarter of a fresh and add 2 tablespoons.

Now when you know how to relieve stuffy nose just choose the most appropriate for you method and breathe with ease.

10 Responses

  1. Jennifer

    Wash out nose with salt water helps. Stuffy nose passed in 2 days.

  2. Cherry Louie

    Good method I like it I tried it and it works great.

  3. Stuffy nose is a big worry for me. I always carry my spray with me.

  4. Sotter Derr

    I use lemon tea and honey. At times, I add some pepper and/or ginger. I get relief straightaway.

  5. Cheryl

    I get a stuffy nose when it rains. I am trying to find a cure for this. I will try the remedies you have suggested.

  6. Brando

    I like to use salt water. It is easy.

  7. Humidifiers work for me all the time. I use essential oils with the humidifier.

  8. Never could stand vaporizers, I use plain old balm. Is there any side effects from using balms?

  9. No, there is no side effect from use of balm. However, you might irritate the skin if you use too much.

  10. So, Should I try steam cure?

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