Caring for Contact Lens

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There are 135 million people with vision problems wear contact lenses all over the world. And most of them don’t know how to take proper care of contact lenses. But, wearing contact lenses is also including risk, only proper selection and maintenance can help keep difficulties to a minimum.You should caring for your contact lens.

Keep your eyes safe! Take time to care for your contact lenses. Here are some general tips for keeping your eyes healthy and comfortable while you wear contacts:

  • Caring for contact lenses involves a combination of cleaning, disinfecting, soaking and wetting, rinsing and storing.
  • Before handling contact lenses, wash your hands necessarily with soap and water, then clean and dry them with a lint-free towel.
  • Contact lenses must be properly cleaned. For the cleaning of lens use only the lens cleaners and eye drops that your eye doctor suggests. Do not mix different brands of solutions for cleaning.
  • Follow the directions that came with your lenses, lens cleaner, and eye drops.
  • Clean your storage case, leave it open to dry after use each day, and change monthly. A filthy case is a main source of infection. Clean the storage case using a clean toothbrush on a regular basis.
  • Others, Use eye makeup that is safe for contact lens users. And don’t use eyeliner on the inside of your lower eyelid.
  • Always, take away lenses from your eyes when you swim or go into a hot tub.
  • Every lens has its validity time, so dispose of your lenses at the interval prescribed by your doctor.
  • Wear and replace contact lenses according to the plan prescribed by your eye care professional.

If you follow this simple steps then you must keep your eyes safe from any contact lens related infections or diseases.

10 Responses

  1. My mother always tells me to take care to keep the lens clean. I like my contacts because the regular ones are so bulky.

  2. I really have lots of happiness when I use contact lens. It keeps my hands free and I am able to work better.

  3. Chumi Kalancy

    Yes, my problems have disappeared since I began to wear contacts. I have two colors green and blue, which I wear alternately..

  4. Lopi Russi Modi

    I have several contact lenses. I keep them safe and clean.

  5. Fido Baal

    I always keep dropping my contacts. I always keep a spare in hand. But they are certainly better than regular glasses.

  6. Walter

    My contacts are the apple of my eye. I know they are delicate. You write good article.

  7. Philomina

    The trouble starts like you say when we neglect to clean the storage box. I know this because one of my daughters developed eye infection and we saw that it happened due to her storage box.

  8. Haider

    Contacts make life easy but taking care of them is troublesome.

  9. Pul Ferado

    Contact lenses help me maintain my clean appearance. How do you take care of yours?

  10. You know Pul, one small mistake and everything is gone. So, I soak, disinfect, and store my contacts with utmost care. Right, I guess, when you have a big bunch of them you need to pay more attention.

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