An Abscess Tooth Home Remedy Does not Really Exist.

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An abscess tooth has home remedy.An abscessed tooth can be very painful and inconvenient, as it interferes with normal daily function. It is hard to eat while one has an abscessed tooth. Besides this, the infection from an abscessed tooth can spread towards other parts of the mouth, and sometimes even outside the mouth, as any proper dentist will attest to. Therefore, one would normally be in search of a good abscess tooth home remedy, and there are plenty of these online. Some would recommend natural antibiotics like garlic, or pain relief like oils, salts, or cold compress to the cheek (which is effective for pain relief but not to treat the cause of the disease). To this I say nonsense.

A dental abscess can be deadly, especially without proper medical attention. As stated before, a dental abscess can spread. The infection may spread from the area of the tooth to the bone of the jaw, or to the soft tissue around it. From there, the infection will spread following the easiest route and can have further complications. One of these problems is Ludwig’s angina, which can restrict breathing and involve difficulty swallowing. A dental abscess can also become a chronic affliction if not treated properly.

Let this also serve as warning to you or anyone who wants a quick fix for a disease without having to go to a licensed medical practitioner. Before believing any site that claims to provide a quick home remedy, try to ensure the following:

  • Make sure that they’re not selling you anything on the same site. Most of these claims are just free advertising to give people what appears to be an easy way out of their affliction. Especially beware if the site has prepared extracts of items that you can purchase from them. As a certain movie says, “Life is pain… Anyone who says differently is selling something.”
  • abscess-tooth-home-remedyMake sure that they cite their sources. If they give links to a credible study or to a credible site such as the National Institutes of Health (American) or other such sites giving verified information. It is understandable that the medical jargon there is not very readable by the layman, but even the abstracts of the studies should be easily understood, as it is a essentially the CliffsNotes version of the article. At the very least that should be read, as even other researchers use the abstract, especially if the whole article needs to be paid for in order to be downloaded or read.
  • Make sure that the home remedy is not homeopathic. There is no evidence whatsoever that homeopathy is better than a placebo. This can cause problems later on, especially if the problem does not go away in the time that the patient should have gone to the dentist.

It is understandable that in this day and age, information is freely available to the layman through the internet. Anyone with an internet connection can just look up “abscess tooth home remedy” on Google and come up with 55,900 results in 0.27 seconds. However, one must be discerning of the information that they receive. The problem with the internet is that absolutely anyone can place information in it, and for the most part people don’t even bother to verify if this is true. The best place to get verified treatments for an abscess tooth is still a dentist. Dentists have studied for years to know about these problems and their treatments, and they take a licensure exam to ensure that they know sufficiently about the problem to be able to treat people competently. Instead of going through information that one is not sure is even correct, one should just consult with a medical practitioner and get proper treatment – or risk becoming a case study in a research paper.

10 Responses

  1. Macher

    You’re using scare tactics, but the points you present are valid.

  2. Samuel

    While your arguments are true, this sort of presentation is the thing that we do not like.

  3. Yes one has to be careful. I always check to see if the sources are mentioned properly.

  4. Toothaches are horrid. They make everything unbearable. I get pained just reading the article.

  5. Diryama Kaddi

    Toothache comes with poor dental hygiene. In my family everyone takes proper care of their teeth.

  6. Mitrand Agopu

    How would we know that we are affected?

  7. John McCormack

    Mr. Agopu, you will have pain. This alone will be sufficient to tell you how serious the situation is.

  8. Ralph Sanders

    Does this mean we will suffer forever?

  9. Ralph Sanders

    Does this really mean we will suffer forever?

  10. John McCormack

    No, Mr.Sanders, You can avail of treatment. Do not attempt any ‘quick-fix’ methods because that will not provide lasting relief.

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