Diabetic and Heart Diseases, Both are Risky

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There is a big risk to have diabetic and heart diseases.Recently, some scientists have discovered that men with type 2 diabetes and men with cardiovascular disease have similar long-term mortality risks. The research showed that men with type 2 diabetes and men with previous heart stroke or attack had a 3 to 4 fold risk of cardiovascular death, as compared to men without either disease in the years following the first acute event.

The latest study underscores the serious risk of diabetes. Dr. Gilles Dagenais and colleagues from Laval University and the University of Montreal write as “men with type 2 diabetes and no previous cardiovascular disease had a 3-time more cardiovascular mortality risk compared with men with neither cardiovascular disease nor diabetes at the beginning of the follow-up.” However, this research was limited to only white men; besides, diabetes was self-reported in more than two-thirds of cases.

According to the study, in the first five years, researchers discovered men with type 2 diabetes had a very lower risk for cardiovascular mortality compared to men with previous heart stroke or attack or and without diabetes. However, in the long term, the researchers got that both of the groups had similar mortality risks. The conclusion of the study specifically highlight that there is a need for optimal management and prevention of diabetes, stroke and heart disease. So, if you get those health problems consult with your physician.

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  1. Valencia

    It is very good advice but controlling sugar in the blood is too difficult no? I am struggling with this problem from my teenage days.

  2. I have sugar complaint and my doctor has put me on a strict diet. I guess that will cover my risk factor but reading about it makes me feel more secure. Nice tips on medicine you have here.

  3. Jarey Porey

    I know this is all very technical. It is very high for me. But I keep reading it anyway.

  4. Sona Fedora

    Yes, sugar complaints trouble me very much. I have stopped sugar but it keeps coming again and again. I am tired of sugar.

  5. Dega Pallam

    Rest is very important. My mother always insists on a nap in between work.

  6. Sugiarto

    I am most careful with my diet. I don’t want to get sugar complaint. I thank you for giving this news about this.

  7. Oria Palmers

    This medical news site is interesting.I will read this daily.

  8. I did not know about the risk posed to diabetic people. Thanks for the information.

  9. I know diabetes is dangerous and so I keep checking often.

  10. Diet control is better. Does high blood pressure affect people with diabetes?

  11. John McCormack

    There is no intrinsic connection between them though both affect the health.

  12. Avoid heavy work. And try keep the sugar intake low.

  13. John McCormack

    That is right.

  14. Thanks so much guys.

  15. Richie Moses

    Sugar is not a problem. It is the stress that gets to me. How to solve this?

  16. John McCormack

    Use longer sleep hours and take up meditation. If you still feel stressed out, consult your personal physician.

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