Nutrition Facts about Calories Are There in Your Cheeseburger.

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Since the late 1920s, statistics keeps demonstrating that cheeseburgers tend to be the unsung wonder of modern life due to their low cost plus feeding power, easily available at the nearest fast food joint. No doubt, as they are well-liked burgers with melting cheese placed on the meat patty top and accompanied by many other variations in structure and ingredients served – lettuce, pickles, bacon, tomato, onion, mustard, mayonnaise or ketchup. Interestingly, how many calories are contained in a cheeseburger because of this and thatHow Many Calories Are There in Your Cheeseburger? ?[toc]

Yes, this is cheese (Swiss, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Blue type, etc.) that adds more nutritional value to a burger and thus, changes it substantially. Few people know how many calories and saturated fat a slice of Cheddar cheese can boast of – 113 cal and 4.5 g respectively!

So, what’s the hidden side of the most nutritious food in human history? Does fast food really make us fat? Not necessarily.

How Many Calories in a Cheeseburger: What’s Inside, Foodies?

The ingredients for making cheeseburgers follow similar patterns, but only regional interpretations vary. Among the most popular toppings are bacon, avocado, mushrooms, egg, feta, tofu, ham, chili peppers, anchovies, mustard, tartar sauce, onion rings, French fries, potato chips, and pineapple. Besides, a cheeseburger may come double, triple or even quadruple, because there can be more than a single patty and slice of cheese.

As you can see, composition of each cheeseburger offers different nutritional value.

 Want to Maintain Your Weight Consciously? Ask about Calories!

Cheeseburgers are created with foods from all 4 food groups except Fruits: Dairy, Protein, Vegetable & Grain.

1. The total of one cheeseburger usually varies according to the contents,cheese and topping in particular. Diced Cheddar is 532 cal per 1 cup (132g), crumbled Feta – 395 cal per 1 cup (150 g), and shredded, whole milk Mozzarella – 335 cal per 1 cup (112 g). In comparison, Blue Cheese is 100 calories per 1 oz. (28.3 g). Adding condiments will slightly increase the calories, depending on their type and amount. Buns terrifically range in calories: from 80 to 240-320! Whole grain buns add 120 calories.

2. A regular cheeseburger with a single patty, condiments, and vegetables in the quantity of 154 g has got 360 calories. A regular cheeseburger with double patty plus bun with condiments and vegetables in the quantity of 230 g has got 650 calories. Well, to supersize your cheeseburgers is not the wisest decision.

3. One Big Mac Cheeseburger weighting about 258 g shows the following nutrition facts per serving:

How many calories in a cheeseburger?*700 total calories

*390 calories from fat (43.6 g/67%)

*140 mg (46%) of cholesterol

*1145 mg (48%) of sodium

*39.6 g (13%) of carbohydrates

*38 g of proteins

*7% of Vitamin A

*2% of Vitamin C

*24% of Calcium

*33% of Iron

*52 mg of Magnesium

*8395 mg of Phosphorus

*132 g of water

*0 of sugar & dietary fiber

5. While ordering a cheeseburger, you should seriously take into consideration not only how many calories are in a cheeseburger, but also the amount of fat, cholesterol & sodium.

6. If you like to make your own cheeseburger, get to know that a bun contains 117 calories, 1/4 pound of 85% lean ground beef – 193 calories, a slice of American cheese – 50 calories. This is 330 calories totally.


In a word, is your cheeseburger packed with calories? It depends. Homemade sandwiches, which are made of low calorie ingredients in a whole wheat bread, won’t cause the obesity and digestive system dysfunction. As for the restaurant burgers, they can be neither fattening nor artery clogging until you enjoy them reasonably! Always keep in mind all the nutrition facts offered by cheeseburgers…

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  1. Michail

    Thanks a lot! I’m a big cheeseburger eater; so, this article really helps. I’m going to ‘marry’ my burgers and dance at the wedding! The calorie-kicker comes in so different forms: from ingredients to size that really matters.

  2. Cheeseburger combination has a wide room for personal interpretation: low or high calorie, with a dab of mustard or plastered with mayo, with fatty meat or lean beef… You know, it’s a healthy bite from zero to 200 calories!

  3. Guisseppe

    I like cheese burgers and always have one when I go to the mall for shopping. Guess that is why I am a little overweight. Ha ha. But I don’t mind.

  4. My friend Irma, usually has double helping of cheese and that too Cheddar. Naturally, she is on the heavier side of the scale. I opt for small portions and choose blue cheese. But we enjoy our outings immensely.

  5. Tolly Meosata

    I cut cheese and have lots of veggies. I like my burgers.

  6. Partha C

    I like meat in my burger. And don’t nobody say nothing more.

  7. Penelope

    I like cheeseburgers but I put on weight when I eat them regularly. I try to keep them down to one every week.

  8. Ronald

    Are too many calories bad really?

  9. John McCormack

    Yes, they are. It does not matter if you are young or old. You must not eat too much. It will turn into fat.

  10. I am not stopping to count the calories. I always stay healthy whatever I eat. Guess I am lucky.

  11. I like burgers. How to reduce calories?

  12. John McCormack

    Choose low fat cheese and reduce the number of items in the burger. This may help but if you cut eating fast foods you will have a healthier lifestyle.

  13. I use plenty of cheese in my burgers.

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