Herbal Treatment for Hair Fall

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Useful recommendations how to stop receding hairlineHair loss disturbance millions of people and the majority of them are frustrated because they have tired lot of products and found no results. With hair loss, thinning of hair and balding are also some of the common hair problems. There is a huge market for hair disorders. But, the astonishing news is that probably all of them can’t give any permanent solutions of this problem.

So, which product is best for hair loss? It is actually tough to reply. No manufactured goods can give ideal cure for the problem. There are lots of guaranteed products as the remedy of hair loss. The actual truth is that, guaranty is an advertising word, which is being used to raise sale of the product. Application of such temporary remedies and easily accessible manufactured goods is not the right solution for the hair disorders, the real solution lies in the age old methods of traditional medicine.

Herbs hold a clear appeal for lots of people because they support the body’s usual healing mechanisms to aim the cause of the problem. And for the permanent solution of hair fall, there is no other best thing then herbal treatment. It is proved that herbal remedies offer real hope to many people all over the world. But, different companies are making a fast buck and exploiting in the name of herbal remedies. Most of these medicines are not purely herbal and may include a few herbs as an element with harmful and unsafe chemicals as the major component. These types of products give simply temporary relief. So, before taking the herbal remedies of hair loss find out the perfect herbal remedies. if you want fine result, do a small research on the internet, or by analysis consumer reviews, testimonials and surveys to see what actually works best for your condition. Here is a little suggestion for your herbal remedies of hair loss.

  1. Green Tea: Using it, you can treat everything from headaches to depression. There are no other best things that will cool your brain and gives you good healthy hair; green tea always helps for it. In green tea there gets catechins which inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase that changes testosterone into hair disfriendly Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is then supposed to be effectual in preventing and treating hair loss.
  2. Ginkyo Biloba: It helps to get better circulation to the brain and skin. And the specialists believe that the enlarged flow of blood to the brain area delivers more nutrients to the hair root which is good for strong hair and growing new hair. It also helps improving short-term memory.
  3. Amla Supplement: It is one of the most often used herbs in ayurvedia. It slows down platelets aggregation and lowers cholesterol levels. It is a boost, has a haematinic and lipalytic function, prevents Indigestion and controls acidity as well as it stops premature graying or hair-loss.
  4. Stinging Nettle: This has favored as a means of stop hair loss due to its capability to block the change of testosterone into DHT. It is particularly more effectual when joint with pygeum and saw palmetto.

If you can’t rely on any manufactured products then there is also some fully natural herbal solution which can give you right direction for this purpose. This can give you slow effects but most of the case it gives permanent solution.

  • Amaloky: This herb encourages the hair increase and is also recognized for its hair darkening and cleansing properties.
  • Daruhaldy: It is really effective for anti-bacterial and anti-provocative which protects the scalp from any harmful infections.
  • Shikakay: It is really effective hair growth, cleansing and dandruff removing.
  • Jojoba Oil: This conditioning oil is not only good for hair but also for skin.
  • Karpoor: It improves blood flow and helps to increase the nourishment to the hair.
  • Til Oil: In Ayurvedic formula among all oils this oil is the best for preventing hair loss.

Daily apply of sufficient quantity of these elements can give you desired results then any other guaranteed market products.

23 Responses

  1. You can rely on the above suggestion and if it is really in bad condition then contact with a herbal expert.

  2. khadharvali

    Since last 1 year my hair becomes falling please suggest some good oils or tips i am suffered from dandruff also.

  3. my hairs r falling at first they were very thick but now r becoming much thinner as they r falling

  4. Kris Provillus

    Well what worked for my hair loss was a mix of finasteride and provillus pills. I see some regrowing hairs but it takes alot of time.

  5. I too have severe hair problem. I am now trying out preparations my mother made from local herbs. Nice reading about the solutions.

  6. Hair fall used to be my main bugbear. I began amla supplements both topical and oral and in 20 days, I noticed a reduction in hair fall. Thanks to this wonderful medicine.

  7. My mother believes so much in herbs and natural medicine. All of us children thereby have luxurious hair. We have not faced any problems with lice infestation or falling hair.

  8. Shervin D'Costa

    Hair needs the nourishment like you say in the article. If we use the proper herbs, then we can keep the hair long and healthy. Nice to read this and learn more.

  9. Jebal Housein

    I use amla supplement and my hair stopped falling. I think it should work for everyone.

  10. Varod Tiley

    I used Ginkgo Biloba and experienced good satisfaction.

  11. Reggie Druman

    Is amla or stinging nettle better?

  12. John McCormack

    We use natural remedies mainly because it is readily available in our locality. You can use either of the two. Both will work equally well.

  13. I like long haired men. This article is so good, thanks.

  14. Roopa Paduma

    My brother had problem and we asked him to use shikakay. It worked well. I wonder if Jojoba oil is effective like it says in your article. Has anyone used it?

  15. Yes, we use that among other things like amla oil and aloe vera juice. It works well.

  16. Sropila

    I am trying Amaloky now. I think it will make my hair thick and strong.

  17. Triya

    Amla supplement works for me. I use it regularly and have good hair growth.

  18. Mera Sommasso

    Stinging nettle looks new to me. I will try it.

  19. I like to have long hair. How long must we use green tea or amla?

  20. John McCormack

    You can use it for a while without problem. If you notice any difference in the skin tone or develop rashes you must discontinue it.

  21. Yes I know thank you. But will my hair grow long?

  22. John McCormack

    That depends on your genes. Did your parents have long hair? Then you must get long hair if you try.

  23. You are most kind.

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