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Hollywood star Orlando Bloom came into the spot light early in this by his new long hair style. He was spotted at the back stage of shooting a film named “Delicious”. He also showed off with his sexy long hair on the movie The Pirates of the Carrabin. Now, I don’t know about you guys but I sure want to have those kinda long hair. It’s not that I like him very much; he is cool. But the main thing is I like his hair style and I’m also hopping that this kind of hair style will attract girlsMen’s long hair needs more care than short..[toc] Ok, now let’s get to the business. Lots of men are still likes the long hair but the problem with the long hair is it needs more care then the short hair as they are easy to maintain. So, as it turns out that you need some extra care for long hair and now I am going to try to help you with it.

Types of long hair

Long hair does not mean that you just let your hair grow as it self. Remember that it’s all about style and fashion. You should be familiarized with the types of long hair that men follow. Because there are not as many long men’s styles are there are women’s, there are still a number to choose from, including:


Ponytail is simple and it is also easy to care for and easy to style in a short period of time.


A single and simple bride can be attractive and it also easy to maintain then ponytail.


Dreadlocks can be a fashion statement and a way to style long hair, mostly if it is thick or curly.


Most of the Afro-American chose natural afro for their long hair.


This style is for the people who have long hair that just falls below the shoulder and it may not need any style.


Mullet has short hair in the front and top of your head and longer in the back. It is possible to make a ponytail at the back.

Remedies to fight hair fall

To keep long hair, you will have to fight hair fall. Here are some simple and easy remedies for hair fall. First thing you should avoid is washing hair with hot water. Use warm water. Do not wash your hair daily, wash it 2 to 3 times with shampoo and conditioners. Avoid any kind of style that requires back you to back comb your hair as this leads to hair breakage. Also, do not brush or comb your hair frequently. Keep it tied up in a pony tail or bun if you are suffering from hair fall. Also get a hot oil massage every week. Use Aloe Vera gel and massage it onto your scalp and leave it for 30 min. this will help to lock in moisture in your hair and prevents hair fall. If you have a thinning hair line then massage a piece of an onion into your scalp till your skin begins to turn red, then apply honey on the area and wash it off after an hour. You can also try some of the herbal products. Like you can mix a few spoons of olive oil with cinnamon powder and honey and massage it onto your skin for a few minutes and keep it for a few hours. Wash it of with arm water and shampoo and rinse as you normally would.

Routine for good hair care

To receive a good result for the hair you need to maintain some routines,


Try to choose nice, smoothing aromatic shampoo that suits you. However, the flavor is not important as long as the shampoo is ph balanced to ensure clean and healthy hair. Remember that, shampooing daily with the rinse and repeat instructions is not a ploy to sell more products. The first shampoo prepares the scalp to be comprehensively cleaned by loosening up all the “cool” products that make hair look and feel great, you know what I mean, and the second shampoo gets the job done.


Gently massage your scalp like the way you shampoo. Use the balls of your fingertips in a “spider doing push-ups” fashion. This is an often skipped part of everyone’s hair care routine. From now on, don’t miss it. There’s no special way to massage, although, try to avoid a circular pattern on long hair. Most of the oil is near the scalp. If no conditioner is to follow, gently towel dry the hair by squeezing to avoid tangles.


It moisturizes your hair. Conditioner is an essential hair product if your hair is dry. An herbal rinse is better for those with oily hair.
So, try out these tips and let’s see what turns out. Maybe you won’t be like Orlando Bloom but it won’t be that bad. If your girlfriend likes long hair then she will love your healthy hair and you will get some extra attention from her.

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  1. I grow my hair and my friends now see this as a fashion symbol. I take good care of my hair.

  2. My boyfriend has lovely long hair. He v uses herbal treatment to keep it rich and shiny.

  3. Koda Peters

    Long hair is fantastic though it needs lots of care. I keep them tied up so that they do not develop split ends. Good article.

  4. Robin Kumar

    Long hair for men is difficult to maintain. However, use of proper nourishing oil and natural ingredients will help.

  5. Gertrude

    My boyfriend has long hair. He uses shampoo to keep it soft, he told me.

  6. Kalbi Roussi

    I grow my hair long. I take care of it. I know the style coefficient and I like to use it. Good article by the way.

  7. A ponytail is easy to maintain like you say. Do you sell creams for hair care?

  8. Administration

    No, Grad, we do not sell creams. We are glad to see your interest in our column.

  9. Robert

    My ponytail gets tangled. What should I do?

  10. John McCormack

    You should try some good pomade or hair styling wax for your hair. It will help to keep your hair in place.

  11. Robert

    That is a nice suggestion. Thanks.

  12. Ismail Hoosain

    I know this long hair can never be cared for enough. If I go out in places where the wind is strong, it just goes wild. Now I tie a bandana over the head when the wind gets strong.

  13. Long hair is nice and my girlfriend loves it. It is good to read an article about all this.

  14. Trexi Borman

    How often must men keep shampooing their hair?

  15. John McCormack

    It depends on how thick the hair and the condition of the scalp. But, on an average, once or twice a month should suffice.

  16. Dina Sorensu

    Long hair is beautiful but care is hard.

  17. Upoldov

    The long hair makes men more likeable. I want to know if there are problems if I keep them long?

  18. John McCormack

    No, unless your hair gets infested by lice. Then, it is better to cut your hair short until the lice infestation is gone.

  19. Rousseau

    Not like long hair, what’s the use? Short hair stylish.

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