Do Hemorrhoids Go Away?

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Do you think hemorrhoids goes away?Hemorrhoids are little cushions found in the region of the anus and rectum that help with stool control. They are technically always present, so when a patient asks “Do hemorrhoids go away?” they usually mean the painful sort that prevents them from eating spicy food and hurts them whenever they go to the toilet. These of course are impediments to a person’s quality of life, and as such should be treated. This article gives a few details on hemorrhoids and how to treat and deal with the pain and discomfort associated with them.

First of all, internal hemorrhoids are the types that often do not give pain to the patient. There is a classification scheme that puts them into four grades, based on how much they prolapsed from the anus. Grade I is a hemorrhoid that has not prolapsed at all; Grade II is a hemorrhoid that prolapses when the patient bears down, such as when they cough, and retracts spontaneously; Grade III is a hemorrhoid that prolapses when the patient bears down, and needs to be manually retracted into the anus, and Grade IV is one that cannot be manually inserted back into the anus. External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, are innervated by nerves that can feel pain and temperature. The following are potential treatments for hemorrhoids:

  • Dietary control. Some people do enjoy eating very spicy food. It must be said that spicy food does not in fact cause hemorrhoids. People merely associate it with hemorrhoids because they start hurting whenever they eat spicy food. The proper advice to this is to stop eating spicy food for a while, because this does result in discomfort. In addition, a diet with more fiber is recommended. One should also take in more fluids. If one feels that it is needed, ask a doctor, who will likely prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or sitz baths. Sitz baths consist of filling a bathtub with warm water and then just sitting up to the hips in it.
  • Ligation. This is not really necessary for all hemorrhoids Internal hemorrhoids don’t hurt because the innervation of internal hemorrhoids do not transmit pain to the brain, but they may be ligated in case the hemorrhoid gets too big and interferes with normal stool motion. Alternatively, if they thrombose or necroseFor external hemorrhoids, these can be painful, and ligation may be the only way to solve this problem, especially if they will not stop swelling. Rubber band ligation is a relatively easy and painless method to deal with it, working much in the same way as rubber band castration – the hemorrhoid will lose blood supply and then fall of naturally later on.
  • Topical agents, lotions, et cetera. Some say that these can provide relief, but there is little evidence that supports the use of these on hemorrhoids. If it works for you, good – but remember, your word is not as good as the word of the results of a randomized controlled trial. If it works for you, don’t tell your friends and family that it works for you and tell them to go to a doctor and have it inspected. There are far deadlier differentials that may be the case.
  • Surgery. Surgery is usually the last resort for this, as it is the most aggressive treatment for a very problematic hemorrhoid. Of course, this option should be discussed with one’s doctor. A good doctor will be able to inform the patient of all of the possible consequences of any treatment that you would undergo.

In short, the answer to the question “Do hemorrhoids go away?” is by and large yes, but one may not even notice that they have it.

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  1. I guess I’ll go see the doctor then.

  2. Thanks! Very useful for relief.

  3. The doctor solved my problem with hemorrhoids fast. I am now on a strict diet that does not have any spice or hot stuff. Lotions help to keep the swelling under control.

  4. Galvin Robert

    My uncle has hemorrhoids. We know it because he avoids spicy foods as if it were poison. However, he has no other problems that we noticed.

  5. Roy Mendoza

    I have a friend whose hemorrhoids disappeared. I think it is because of medicines.

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