How to Treat External Hemorrhoids – Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment.

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In the modern world there are a number of diseases that people hesitate to say, as they are intimate and “shameful”. Moreover, because of this hesitation and fear, most of the patients to the latest postpone visit to the doctor, thus allowing the disease to progressHow to treat external hemorrhoids.[toc]

One such unpleasant diseases which are not discussed include hemorrhoids. This is one of the most common diseases of the rectum, which comes in many forms.

Types hemorrhoids:

  • external;
  • internal;
  • combined.

Highlight these three forms by location inflamed sites on the bottom of haemorrhoidalis inferior vein.

Let us further consider external hemorrhoids and the question how to heal hemorrhoids.

The signs and causes of external hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids are no longer a rarity, and the number of patients each year is not reduced. Therefore, the medicine had time to study the disease and find the most effective forms of treatment.

Characteristics of an external hemorrhoids:

• Nodes are located around the anus. In not keen period it does not disturb the person.

• Nodes often differ in size.

• Nodes are formed by expanding and swelling of the walls of the veins, which are at hemorrhoid’s plexus. This plexus in norm is located under the skin in the area of the perineum.

The causes of this disease:

• Sedentary lifestyle of the person;

• Break the intestine: constipation, problematic defecation;

• The need to lift heavy objects (usually professional);

• Excessive share in the diet of meat and spicy food, frequent alcohol use;

• In women can occur during pregnancy or childbirth.

At influence on the organism of these reasons, the veins of the pelvis and perineum overflowing with blood, which leads to their bulging out.

Symptoms of external hemorrhoids.

  1. how to heal hemorrhoids?Itching, burning, and other discomforts discomfort in the anal area.
  2. If there are traces of blood on the toilet paper. Slight bleeding occurs due to the fact that fecal injure the skin, or is there an anal fissure.
  3. In case of exacerbation appears painful chair.
  4. Easy found bumps in the area around the anus.

Worst of all in this disease that the patient he is concerned, only in the period of exacerbation. Therefore, in remission, the patient seems that all is done, and therefore there is no need to go to the doctor.

The main thing about how to treat external hemorrhoids?

When the disease is detected, and the man is tired to endure the pain and discomfort, it appears necessary question “how to heal hemorrhoids? Still it is desirable that treatment has passed as quickly as possible, and the result was effective. How to treat external hemorrhoids best tell the doctor-specialist. Traditional medicines can help, but if there thrombosis – will only exacerbate the situation.

In the treatment of ointments and suppositories spend local therapy. Ointments should is in its composition to have such substances: hormonal, local anesthetic, substance use blood thinners (such as heparin), you might have antibacterial substances. Most often used medicines such as: relief Ultra, relief and relief advance, Aurobin, Gepatrombin G, Processional, Proctosedyl.

Along with the local media, in the presence of blood clots, in the treatment include ingestion nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (indomethacin, ibuprofen, diclofenac, Movalis).

If in the course of treatment the patient’s condition does not change or worsens, then open the site and remove the blood clot. Therefore, it is important treated in special medical institutions, under the control of the doctor. As self-treatment limits the opportunities for professional monitor diseases that can only lead to more severe pain and more complicated further treatment of external hemorrhoids.

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