Examining Alum for Canker Sores as a Treatment Option

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Canker Sores can occur after an infection.Alum used in cooking and for beauty treatment of the facial skin has more medicinal uses than previously thought of.  In fact, they represent about the only solution for canker sores which cures within 24 hours. Why doesn’t everyone adopt alum for canker sores? Simply because they don’t know about it or do not believe in its efficacy.

Knowing about alum and its uses

Hydrated potassium aluminum sulfate is the full chemical name which becomes shortened to alum. People use alum for pickling and cooking since alum helps maintain crispness of vegetables. They also add it to the water since this will help precipitate all the dirt in the water which then can be drained out. Another use for this wonder chemical is as a beauty treatment application. Just applying on the face will help soften the skin and cure the cuts and sores. Many use it as an aftershave.

Difference one sees between canker and cold sores

One can see sores of two varieties commonly. One is the cold sore and the other is the canker sore. The former is caused by the herpes simplex virus while the cause for the latter is not yet known. The former is contagious while the latter is not.

Canker sore goes by the medical name of aphthous ulcer. Usual locations of this sore are in the soft tissue at the base of the gum, in small lesions within the mouth and on the tongue or in the inner lining of the cheeks. Some  people refer to this as aphthous stomatitis.

Sores can cause a lot of pain especially if they are bunched together. People have searched for a cure for this ailment since olden ages. Some put it down to the acidity in the mouth while others blame their toothbrush and paste. Mouthwashes do not make much difference though some claim that presence of SLS can be the reason for the appearance of sores.

Sores occur on the inside of the cheeks too.Causes for Canker Sores

This ailment appears as quickly as it can disappear. Reasons include the following:

  1. Stress of any kind
  2. Hormonal imbalance during menstrual cycle
  3. Injury sustained in the mouth
  4. Viral infection
  5. Problems caused by immune system
  6. Allergy to food

Method of application alum for canker sores

First you have to make the alum usually in the form of powder into a paste. Take some powder in a small saucer or dish. Use a dropper to add water. Mix thoroughly.

Now with the help of a cotton bud or cotton ball, take some paste and apply on the canker sore.

Symptoms of this ailment

Usually the affected person will develop a white protrusion about 1 –2 mm in diameter which is ringed in red. The center of this will usually be white, grey or yellow in color. However, before it appears, the person will experience tingling Apply a little alum for canker sores and watch the sores disappear overnight.sensations at that spot. Once the sores develop, the person will experience difficulty while drinking or eating. Additional symptoms like fever, sluggishness or lymph node swelling might also manifest. Under normal circumstances, this sore will disappear on its own accord within two or three days.

Alum for Canker Sores Effectiveness

Sores disappear when the water content is removed. Alum does just this. Through chemical action, the water present within the sore is removed and once this happens, the sore ‘collapses’. This happens immediately and so when you get up in the morning your are right as rain once again.

Sores will disappear within a few days. It is not a contagious disease. But you have to be careful about one or two things. First, when you use alum, you only need to keep it on the sore for two or at the most three minutes.
Second thing is that you must clean out your mouth with water. Rinse but do not swallow. Lastly, if symptoms of infection persist beyond the statutory three days, go see your physician.

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  1. It is so irritating get sores in the mouth. But like you say, alum is very effective indeed.

  2. Nothing is so good for sore as alum. My mother taught me how to use.

  3. Rima D'Costa

    Sores in the mouth will always be troublesome. Lucky for me, I never got this problem. I keep a watch for my children to see that they are not bothered by this.So good to read about this here.

  4. All you need is a pinch of alum.Then your sore is gone.

  5. Yes, alum was always present in our house kitchen shelf. We used to keep pestering our mom for a little alum.

  6. Gertrude

    We use alum for cooking. None of our children ever had a problem with sores.

  7. Gertrude

    We use alum for our dishes. None of our children ever suffered from this problem.

  8. Jill Robert

    I had this problem when I was small. I used alum as my mother told me to. The sores disappear overnight just as it says here in the article.

  9. Daniel

    Sores can be very painful I know because I got them when I was a kid. Yes, use alum and they will vanish totally.

  10. All you need is a pinch of alum. Then your sore is gone.

  11. Jerry Chandlers

    Alum is so effective for canker sores. Many of my friends have used it before.

  12. Caroline D'Vaz

    In our house we never had problems with sores. Our mother sees to it that we maintain a strict hygiene.

  13. Margaret

    Alum is pretty good huh? Always keep them at home.

  14. Daniel

    Alum helps with many things I know but I did not know it can be used for sores. Interesting.

  15. This problem is making the face so bad. Alum is effective.

  16. That is good I am trying alum now.

  17. I use alum in my dishes. This news is interesting!

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