Why Does Hair Dye Kill Head Lice Dealing With Itchy Head

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Actually, does hair dye kill head lice? Yes, it doesOther than mosquitoes and bedbugs, mankind has battled with one another insect – the louse. Lice infestation is common and people do not really bother to make anything out of it. But there is a surprise hidden in the hair care for lice infested hair. The hair dye! Typically, people who dye their hair have maximum possibility of possessing a lice free head. The second (may be obvious to some) method is to fry them. Use the blow dryer to curl or straighten your hair and lice will simply drop dead.

Battle on our heads

Lice infestation is a natural stage in the growing up process of children. Some of them give it a complete miss while others struggle through it. Week after week of hair care and lice killers, followed by shampoo bath and brushing with lice hair brushes, the entire thing seems to be like a walk in the jungle battling monsters.

Lice and more lice

The tiny white parasitic insects that infest your scalp and give you that itchy sensation are lice. Lice grab hold of the skin on your head and lay their eggs called nits. The entire size of these insects will be under two millimeters or at the most three millimeters.

Usual method of propagation for the louse is by hopping from child to child. At times, they also hop onto to the heads of the parents. Usually the girls are affected more than the boys due to the length of their hair.

Lotions and Liniment For Killing Lice

Usual treatments for killing lice include hair applications, oils and creams and of course brushing. Brushing with lice combs – combs whose teeth are set close together to catch and push out the little insects – is very effective. Question in minds of the older generation is does hair dye kill head lice. Oils and creams include the following:

  • Use plenty of oil for the scalp and brush daily to keep the lice away.Rosemary oil and strong shampoo
  • Crushed hibiscus leaves with olive oil
  • Synthetic chemical preparations

Crushed chrysanthemum flower and olive oil have been part of the hair care treatment of every growing girl. This mixture has to left in the hair overnight and hence not many girls will prefer this type of hair care to take care of nits and lice.

Rosemary oil is a pleasant smelling essential oil used in many beauty treatments. Rosemary is an aromatic herb that produces pale yellowish colored oil when crushed. Renowned for its therapeutic properties it has been used by ancient Greeks and Romans for purification and healing. Mixed with a strong shampoo, it develops a potent insect killing nature that proves effective for the louse.

One popular chemical used to kill lice in the head is Permethrin. The louse might become resistant to this over time. Also, it might not be so effective against the nits. People who are allergic to chemicals must test it against a patch of their skin first.

If anything, one will do well to avoid toxic over-the-counter preparations that promise to cure the head lice. Natural remedies will work wonders if you have the patience to use them in a good manner.

Traditional Lice Treatment Methods

Plain old comb and brush treatment

Use plenty of oil for the scalp and brush daily to keep the lice awayAny treatment must be effective for both the adult lice and their tiny eggs. If one were to survive when the other dies, the problem will not be solved. Sure the surefire method that has worked down the ages is nitpicking. Brushing down the hair with a fine-toothed comb, and making sure every single louse that falls down is killed manually by crushing with the hands or a blunt instrument is a practice that has come down generation after generation. Actually, girls prefer it for two reasons – one is that they derive some pleasure from the combing operation and two there is no mess involved with shampoos and lotions and greasy heads. So, instead of wondering does hair dye kill head lice or not, simply grab your comb.

20 Responses

  1. I always suffered from lice and my head felt so scratchy all the time. I then began to use Rosemary oil and the problem stopped immediately.

  2. Lice used to be a problem for me when I was a kid. Now I do not have the problem. I use essential oils for my children.

  3. Both my daughters have excellent hair and have no problems with lice. Their mother sees to it that they keep their hair well oiled and brush daily.

  4. Bridgette

    I never stopped to ask does hair dye kill head lice because I never have had such a problem. But then I always comb and brush my hair with fine-toothed comb. My mother used to insist on this when I was a child.

  5. I have suffered for years with head lice as a child. The best treatment is the olive oil that has crushed hibiscus leaves boiled in it. My mother used this to treat my lice problem.

  6. Gertrude

    Does head lice disappear on its own?

  7. Administration

    No, it merely spreads from one person to another. For the head lice to disappear, one must treat it with some substances that kills the lice.

  8. My daughter has a severe problem with lice. Her mother is always running after her with a comb.

  9. I use hair dye regularly. I never have had lice problem.

  10. Perry Gason

    Do they add chemicals to the hair dye to kill lice?

  11. Administration

    The hair dye contains chemicals that are original components of the hair dye. These will help to kill hair lice.

  12. I never used any treatment. I never had problems with lice.

  13. Albert

    I use tea tree oil with thyme oil. The smell is a bit strong but it keeps my scalp healthy.

  14. Lolly

    Lice is always a problem for women.

  15. Hattie

    Do you get lice from children?

  16. John McCormack

    Adults are prone to get lice infestation from children. So, they must be careful to see that their child does not have lice.

  17. Trudy

    I am using Rosemary oil with tea tree oil. It works great.

  18. I use hair dye and I never have problem with lice. I wonder if Rosemary oil will work for me.

  19. Yes, it should. I have used it for over one year now.

  20. Thanks Trudy. I will try it then.

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