Hydrogen Peroxide in Ear for Treatment of Excess Earwax

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You can put hydrogen peroxide in ear.Earwax can be a problem for some people. Earwax is a protection for the ear, because it provides lubrication with its oiliness, and confers a certain degree of protection against bacterial and fungal infection. Some people have a tendency to produce large amounts of earwax, while some do not. Two type of earwax exist – the wet type, and the dry type. The dry type predominates in Asians while the wet type predominates in Africans and Europeans. In any case, if earwax is a problem, a good way to get rid of it is hydrogen peroxide in ear treatment while using q-tips to clean it out.

The hydrogen peroxide used should be of a specific concentration to remove earwax easily. Too concentrated a mixture will of course be harmful, and too dilute a mixture will have little to no therapeutic effect. The recommended concentration is a 6.5% hydrogen peroxide solution.

The use of hydrogen peroxide has some benefits compared to other procedures:

  • The use of q-tips alone can be dangerous, especially for people with dry earwax who do it to themselves. While q-tips are not advocated practice for cleaning ears, it is sadly a common practice. Q-tips alone can push earwax further into the ear canal, and without someone else to do it one will have no idea if they are actually getting the earwax out or pushing it in further. Q-tips can also easily abrade the surface of the ear canal, making the person more susceptible to ear canal infection. With hydrogen peroxide, the potential bacteria and fungi that could infect the ear will be killed. In addition to that, the loosening effect of hydrogen peroxide will allow the earwax to detach from the ear canal more easily, and stick to the absorbent surface of the Q-tip.
  • t's a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, that you can put in ear.Ear candles are not only dangerous, but they do not actually work for getting earwax out. The melted wax of the ear candle is designed to look like earwax so that the person using these will assume, from sight, that the earwax is actually being extracted. The hot melted wax can and will damage the ear canal as well, never mind the effects if the wax contacts the eardrum, which has only a thin layer of skin separating the outer ear from the middle ear. If the eardrum is perforated, an infection of the middle ear is much likelier.
  • Other substances for ear canal irrigation are either too expensive for the function, or too expensive and too specific. Hydrogen peroxide can be used for a lot of other applications, such as disinfection. Would it not be impractical to buy something made for one specific purpose when another substance can do so much more than just that, for even less?
  • Ear vacuums can be dangerous as well as ineffective. It would really be much better to use actual ear picks.
  • Hydrogen peroxide does not have any side effects when used properly, and in conjunction with manual removal makes earwax very easy to remove. It is preferred to have assistance when removing earwax so that the assistant will be the one to shine light into the ear canal and see if the earwax has been sufficiently removed, as well as doing the manual removal themselves. After all, if one cannot see into one’s own ear canal, one cannot remove earwax effectively.

In summary, hydrogen peroxide allows for an easy and safe way to remove earwax, whether on one’s own or with assistance. Hydrogen peroxide in ear treatment is a cleansing way to remove earwax, because it not only allows for the removal of built-up wax, but also kills possible infectious agents in the ear.

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  1. Thanks for the help.

  2. Article was simple enough that I was able to convince my wife to stop using candles. Thanks.

  3. This is nice advice. I must try it and see if it proves useful to me or not.n Thanks.

  4. Heidi Purgon

    Hydrogen peroxide is simple to use and harmless. I too use it and give to my brother too. Great reading about it.

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    I love hydrogen peroxide. I use it to clean my ears and to color my hair. Nice to read about it.

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    I know hydrogen peroxide works for me. Very good to read this news here.

  7. Desmonda

    How can you use hydrogen peroxide?

  8. John McCormack

    Please use a dropper or ask another person to put some drops in your ear using a dropper. Tilt your head so that the wax flows out. Do not poke your ear.

  9. Peroxide solution is good. I use it next to q-tips every third or fourth day.

  10. Ralph Muttpod

    I use cotton buds. I must try ear drops.

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