Nappers Are on Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

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Nappers Are on risk of Type-2 DiabetesThe researcher team considered the sleeping habits of more than 16,480 older people in China. Among them around 68% took regular naps. The researcher observed that napping in the day just once per week increased the possibility of developing the diabetes. Regular nappers are less likely sleepping well at night. The condition is time and again attributed to detrimental lifestyles and being overweight, lack of good night sleep known to be a contributing factor as well.

The researchers said though they took into account some other contributing factors, for example the weight of the subjects, but it is clear; there was an apparent link between sleeping for small periods and type-2 diabetes. Director of research at Diabetes, UK Dr Iain Frame said the new study could be a new step towards explaining the possible link between type-2 diabetes and disturbed sleep patterns. He said “However, in terms of being major risk factors for developing type-2 diabetes, napping or disturbed sleep are likely to remain less significant than already established risk factors such as being overweight, being over at his 40th or having a history of diabetes in the family.”

Dr Shahrad Taheri, from the University of Birmingham said as the amount of patients with type-2 diabetes are increasing; so, they are trying to do something so that they can help the people to prevent from developing the condition.

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  1. Kingsley Jarvis

    I have seen many guys who cat nap. But they do not seem to have any problems. Who knows?

  2. Tammy Fredrick

    I know sleeping can make you miss the bus, but getting disease! This is news to me.

  3. Celiat

    I frequently take a catnap. What should I do?

  4. Administration

    Well Celiat, since you are addicted to catnaps, the option available is to decrease your ‘snack food’ items. These are otherwise known as comfort foods. You eat them, not because you are hungry but because you think that they are needed. Break this, and you will find yourself fitter and wanting lesser naps.

  5. Is diabetes that dangerous? How to prevent this?

  6. Administration

    Diabetes in its initial phases is not dangerous. However, over time, it can lead to many other dangerous medical conditions like heart disease. You can see your physician if you have diabetes and take medicines for that. Control your diet and you should not have any problems.

  7. Maan Singh

    Should I stop sleeping? Is it danger for me?

  8. Administration

    No, sleep is necessary for good health. But napping in the daytime upsets the body clock. This will upset the metabolic rhythm and lead to diabetes. Do not make a habit of cat napping.

  9. Sir, could you please tell me why we should not take a small rest during daytime?

  10. John McCormack

    When you wake up in the morning, your biological clock begins to monitor your activities. It expects 8 hours of activities and makes the metabolism work to produce that much of energy. When you suddenly go to sleep, the entire schedule goes out of synchrony. This confusion results in diseases and illnesses.

  11. Is napping really dangerous? I thought small naps kept us fit!

  12. John McCormack

    No, you are correct. You can take stress break naps. The study shows how regular nappers are likely to be prone to diabetes. It does not mean that if you nap you will become diabetic.

  13. I do well with a nap every now and then. I guess it peps me up. Only now I read it is indicative of diabetes.

  14. That is sad because I like to cat nap.

  15. No, James no. It means that people who cat nap are likely to have diabetes.

  16. @Tommy Oh! So I suppose I should check my blood sugar?

  17. Well, that is good.

  18. Tepom Paaru

    That is so bad. I like to sleep now and then.

  19. Seedi Aphther

    Sleeping is so peaceful. I cannot see why it is dangerous. Thanks anyway.

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