Old and New Viruses Spread by Air Traveller

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How to relieve stuffy noseIt is astonishing news that in a recent report, experts said, ‘Tourists traveling by plane and the growth of cities are combining to help old and new infections spread around the world.’ And dozens of viruses causing often serious diseases are spread by travelers who travel in air rut. Dangerous virus such as Chikungunya and dengue fever are finding new homes by this way, the researchers told an infectious diseases meeting. The researchers of the Pan American Health Organization said in the meeting that dengue fever, which can cause gentle illness or deadly hemorrhagic disease, has come back after decades of abolition successes in Latin America. For the confirmation they give a statistical report. In it said that 1.03 million cases of dengue were reported in the 1980s and 2.7 million in the 1990s, but 4.6 million were reported from 2000-07. Cause in this time the air traveling increases highest amount. Others, Chikungunya virus, which causes painful and sometimes crippling or fatal symptoms, has spread to quite a few new countries in the past two years. One tourist brought it to Italy very last year, Gubler noted. Also noticed that “The same virus was introducedinto Sri Lanka and into India, most likely via infected travelers,”

And most irritating news is lots of new and old infections are a threat for us which are spread by air travel. So it is high time to take proper steps for stopping the new way of spreading disease.

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  1. I always fall sick when I travel. How I can I prevent this?

  2. Administration

    Alborz, air sickness has many reasons. It could be related to your blood pressure, diet or medical history. You have to consult a physician to know the exact cause.

  3. One can never fully prevent spread of infectious diseases, I realize the danger that air travel brings.

  4. Carl Timothy

    The travel is very dangerous. I know the new bugs are spreading everywhere. i keep reading for news about them. I think we must make new masks that we can wear everywhere.

  5. Thomas Pyke

    Too many new viruses are growing everyday. Maybe it is the pollution but we must be careful and use precautions. Nice to read this news.

  6. Freddy G

    Viruses are carried through international tourists. Government must take strict steps to check such infiltration.

  7. Rigo Samuel

    Yes, one has to be careful when one travels abroad.

  8. Trawers

    I use antibiotics when I travel. I do know that one can easily catch something when one is abroad.

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