Signs Of Chlamydia In Men Detection And Treatment

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Chlamydia is an STI mostly found among the younger set. It spreads through sexual contact with young people having higher risk. Best form of medical care of course is prevention. Avoid unprotected sex and forming relationship with people you just met. In this article we read all signs along with remedies for the infection in men.Sex partners must undergo treatment before you have sex again.

Spread Of Chlamydia Infection

Any person having sex of any kind is liable to become infected. It spreads from a person already infected with chlamydia. People who do not use condoms while participating in sex or keep changing partners frequently , get higher chance of becoming infected. To reduce risk, make sure your collaborator is tested and free from infection. Try not to have sex without protection.  Even gay or bisexual people can get this easily. Since the symptoms are not dominantly displayed, infected people tend to ignore the infection. When they have sex, their partners too become infected.

Estimating And Reducing Risk

To estimate the risk, we consider how often you have sex with random partners. We also consider the type of sex you have and whether you use protection. It is obvious that people who are “willing to take more risks” and have sex with unknown people without any protection have a higher probability of getting infected. To reduce the risk, you must choose a single partner – one who you know to be free of infection.

Diagnosis For This Infection

You can test for chlamydia at any clinic near you.
1. Testing is done for urine sample to see chlamydia organism sign.
2. Swab test (urethral discharge culture)
3. Fluids collected in the region of penis tip

First, you have the urine sample that undergoes analysis for infectious organisms. One may do either visual or chemical testing. Then we have swab test which finds out whether you are infected with gonorrhea. It is possible the person has both chlamydia and gonorrhea. Lastly, the technician will collect fluids coming out of your penis for analysis. This will tell us exact nature ailment.

Signs that indicate infection

To be sure, the discharge that is watery and cloudy coming out of penis is one of the best signs of chlamydia in men. This could be accompanied by other signs like tenderness in testicle region. Person might also have aching along with tenderness while passing urine.
Additional symptoms are also possible. If the eye came in contact with the discharge during sex with an infected person or the person had oral sex, then there is all chance that he or she will develop conjunctivitis or throat infection. If they had sex involving anus some pain, swelling and tenderness might be seen.


Many of us discard medical care tips like yesterday’s newspaper. Or only use them as conversation pieces. Proper testing requires you to not pass urine at least two hours before testing. Usually signs of chlamydia in men are not shown and the tendency is to ignore this ailment.
1. Lab tests
2. Visual observation of symptoms

Once the doctor affirms the presence of infection, the treatment will begin. This will consist of medication usually antibiotics such as azithromycin, levofloxacin, doxycycline and erythromycin. The course will last for 6 – 9 days and the illness will resolve within a week.
Effect of having this ailment
If one does not take proper treatment, this infection could lead to male infertility. DNA of the sperms gets fragmented making sperm strands very loose and easily breakable. Sperm production could decrease leading sperms that have many abnormalities physically and has less motility. One should not indulge in sexual activity for at least 10 days after completing the course. People who get infected are more susceptible to HIV virus. This virus is responsible for AIDS. By moderating the sexual behavior to those that do not involve much danger one may lower the chance of getting infected. Having alcohol or drugs before copulation makes one reckless.

Where is the testing center

For those who wish to undergo a test, choose one place given below.

  • Whitish discharge occurs from the tip of the penis.Contraceptive clinic
  • Sex health clinic
  • General Practitioner
  • Genitourinary outlet for medicine
  • At home with home testing kit

Correct time for testing

  • You can have a checkup when any following conditions happens.
  • When you go for copulation without adequate protection
  • When signs of infection is visible
  • You have some pain that is indicative of sex disease
  • When your partner informs you that he or she has sex disease
  • Your contraceptive does not hold out
  • If pregnancy is on the cards

Side effects from Chlamydia

Anyone can develop complications from the infection. This is the primary reason why one should get it treated immediately.
In men, the complications would be firstly, epididymitis and secondly, SARA. When you have epididymitis testicles will swell. This causes lot of pain and lead to sterility. Sexually acquired reactive arthritis (SARA) makes eyes bulge while tubes become inflamed, leading to pain in joints. Usually it happens within 10 – 15 days.
For women, the case is similar but since they have babies the condition causes problems in the reproductive system. Mainly the fallopian tubes and uterus are affected. This results in PID that does extensive damage. That woman might become unable to bear children as well as experience pain in pelvic region. At times, ectopic pregnancy could happen – embryo formation does not occur within the uterus but outside.


Chances are that people who become infected are prone to get the infection again Make sure to complete the course and go through waiting period, to recover fully. People who are less than 26years must go in for checkup before 4 months gap.

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  1. More than anything, I hate it when my sex partners give me diseases. I always use protection and insist that my partner uses it.

  2. I had recurring bouts of fever and pain in the joints when I got this infection. My physician prescribed some antibiotics and I was right as rain the following week.

  3. I got chlamydia from Tom, my boyfriend. The doctor told me how dangerous it could turn out to be. I took my medicine and never again got the symptoms.

  4. Both my girls got Chlamydia but they recovered well with just one course of antibiotics. I took them for repeat check ups after 4 months and 6 months. But there were no signs of the infection.

  5. My friend Ismail had chlamydia and underwent treatment. Now there is no problem.

  6. My friend got this disease and was in considerable pain for some time.He socializes too much.

  7. I have multiple sex partners. How do I know who will infect me?

  8. John McCormack

    Since there are no external symptoms of this disease, you must take precautions. Always insist on condoms and you have nothing to worry.

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