How to Stop Shin Splints. Helpful Treatment Tips.

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Shin splints problem is common not only with sport professionals. Anyone may have come across it while exercising hard or just running to catch a bus. We will give you some useful tips on how to stop shin splintsHow to stop shin splints?.[toc]

Before considering the ways how to stop shin splints, let’s define what kind of problem this is, who it is common with and what are the reasons for its occurrence.

When after intensive training there appears a pain in the anterior region of leg, we call it shin splints. There is a number of considerations as for the causes of this pain syndrome. Many people believe that the phenomenon of shin splints appears as a result of permanent stress, injuries and excessive training load on the lower extremities.

It is very common with sportsmen and dancers, soldiers and people addicted to active rest, especially at the start of the season.

Localization of a problem

Shin splints pain may have two components – muscular and bony.

The muscles bound to an ankle are covered with fascia. This one helps muscles hold together and is very sensitive and inelastic. As a result of an effort applied to the muscles, they widen, and there appears pressure which may cause pain.

As for the bony component, the spring of a pain may vary from stress reactions to true fractures. Permanent loading on the skeleton, such as that one may have during running, causes microсracks in the leg bones. In normal state they are healed by our organism itself after having some rest. Though in the course of time thin racks may blend and result in true fractures.

Treatment tips how to stop shin splints

Here are some tips that will be of help when you suffer from shin splints pain.

Rest your body

As we have already stated, our organism is able to heal this shin splints problem without any interference from our side. Just give yourself a rest. It needs some time to heal.

Apply cold

To ease the pain in your injured muscles and lessen edema you may affect them with cold. Place a bag filled with ice cubes or a pocket of frozen vegetables onto your leg and make it stay there for 20 minutes. To prevent frostbite, place a piece of clothes between the leg and cold.

Repeat the procedure every 3 or 4 hours until the pain vanishes.

Use painkillers

In case of severe pain you may use anti-inflammatory painkillers. They are sold over-the-counter. Being considerably helpful they can cause side effects, though. For this reason they should be used occasionally.

Try stretches

Sit on a chair or lie on a bed. Slightly bend your knees. Draw a foot of an injured leg aside and make circles with it. Repeat it for ten times until the pain lessens.

Stop shin splints before they start

It is a well-known fact that any problem is harder to be treated than prevented. Here are some useful tips for you to not get shin splints pain while exercising.

  • Check your shoes. They should not be worn out. Otherwise your feet are not guaranteed to be in stable position.
  • Get orthotics. Orthotics is an arch support that helps stabilize the feet and minimize the stretching which is a consequence of a weak support.
  • Wear a neoprene sleeve. Neoprene sleeves provide support and warm muscles around the shin bone.
  • Choose the right surfaces. Avoid running on hard surfaces. Concrete can provoke stress fractures in the bone. Run and jump on artificial ones instead.
  • Warm up before and cool down after a hard workout. Actually it is a rule for any workout, no matter how hard it is.
  • Stretch before and after training. Stretching increases flexibility and potentially decreases injuries occurrence while exercising.
  • Do toe walks to strengthen the muscles. Walk on the tips of your toes for 30 seconds then walk normal for 30 seconds. Keep alternating. Do 3 reps.

Now when you are given advice on how to stop shin splints and how to prevent its occurrence, you are ready to exercise more safely and effectively. In case your pain does not stop or increases, you should consult a doctor. You may be examined with X-ray or bone scanner.

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  1. Started aching legs while running. Went to the doctor, he said it was shin splints.’ll treat. Have already begun treatment.

  2. Thanks for the good advice article, just found out what to do.

  3. Erwin Martin

    I ran while crossing the road and developed this pain. The doctor diagnosed it to be shin splints and gave me treatment. It went off in 7 days.

  4. I run a lot since I am in the school relay team. I warm up and stretch well before I run. So, I never had this problem.

  5. Medora

    I really like to see these articles. It tells me so much you know.

  6. Martin

    I run regularly and of late I am getting pain in the leg. Do you think it is shin splits? What should I do?

  7. Administration

    The best thing to do is to consult a physician. However, in the meantime, you can try this. Buy shoes that have arch supports. Rest your leg — avoid exercises and even walking.

  8. This is very painful. I got it once and I don’t want it again.

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