Knowing More About HPV Vaccine Side Effects

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Cancer remains the biggest health hazard, especially for women. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) attacks the moist membranes of your body such as the mouth, anus, vagina or throat. It spreads rapidly through sexual contact. Almost three-quarters of sexually active women will contract this ailment at some point in their lives. People affected by HPV will have one of the following symptomsThere are several side effects in HPV vaccine:

  1. Abnormal growth of tissues
  2. Genital warts
  3. Skin warts or verrucas

Abnormal growth of tissues leads to cancer. Men cannot get cervical cancer but will come down with genital warts. They can get cancer of the anus and skin warts.


Brands and Age for Vaccination

Vaccination is effective in preventing the incidence of cancer. The immune system of our body shows good capacity to fight off HPV even without HPV vaccination. However, according to the doctors the research shows HPV vaccines to have a significant effect in reducing abnormal pap smears and precancerous conditions. Cervarix is useful for girls. It prevents precancers and cervical cancers. One administers them to girls aged 9 before they become sexually active. Gardasil proves effective for males aged 9—26 and Gardasil9 is useful for males aged 9—15. Vaccination at an early age helps prevent the onset of disease. If the person contracts the virus, then the vaccination is not so useful.

People who did not receive their vaccines when they were young are given three doses spread out over a period of time. The second dose is given within 30 to 40 days of the first does. The third dose is administered after six months of the first dose.

Pregnant women and people who have shown life-threatening symptoms to HPV shots should avoid it. However, there is no indication to date of any harm occurring to pregnant women when they have vaccine. Also, it is wise to avoid the course during a period of illness.

Side Effects of HPV Vaccine

Vaccines normally are safe. So it is with HPV shot too. However, one report shows details of 45 individuals who developed chronic ailments. They are spread over 13 countries and over 92% of them continued to suffer from disabling signs of the disease.

The incapacitating malady included profound autonomic dysfunction, vexing fatigue and neuropathic pain. This medical report was similar to those published by doctors and clinics from Japan (40 cases), Denmark (53 cases) and United States (six cases).

Known side-effects of the medication are as follows.

  • Headache
  • Seizures
  • Fainting
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  • Arm pain
  • Systemic exertion intolerance disease
  • Nausea
  • Death
  • Blood clots

These symptoms are normal in all cases of HPV vaccination. Most of the symptoms like swelling or pain do not last long. Incidence of these signs is about one in ten with girls experiencing itching, swelling, bruising with or without cellulitis. About 1% of them may experience symptoms of nausea, pain in the arms, feet and hands and fever. Very rarely, one in ten thousand girls may contract urticaria commonly known as hives. It manifests as a red rash that is very itchy.

Types of Vaccines

You should learn side effects of the HPV vaccine before use it.The HPV shots are relatively new. The FDA licensed Gardasil in 2006. Upon a recommendation by the CDC advisory committee, Gardasil was made available to males between 11 and 21 on October 25, 2011. Cervarix, the next HPV vaccine got its license in 2009. The estimated vaccine potency was good and in the first four years of the introduction of the medication, HPV prevalence among females aged 14 – 19 decreased, according to the study published in  Journal Of Infectious Diseases for the period between 2003—2006  and 2007—2010.

The vaccine preparation is inactive formulation that does not have any living microbe but only contains proteins that are similar to that found in the HPV.  They are merely inactivated compounds that bear similarity to the disease producing pathogen. These create an immune response in the body. This helps the body fight the pathogenic material effectively. The medication gives protection from four types of HPV. The first two cause about three-fourth of all cervical cancers while the second two are responsible for 89% of genital warts. Though one can be reassured that they are protected from cervical cancer upon getting their HPV vaccination, the need for screening for cervical cancer remains because the vaccination does not cover all types of cervical cancers.


To date the CDC concludes that the HPV medication is as safe as the Tdap or meningitis vaccines. There have been minor incidents of fainting and illnesses. At times, these have been as serious as deep vein thrombosis. CDC reviewed patients (close to 600,000) and concluded that Gardasil is not a health hazard. Unless a person shows allergic reaction to the vaccine or to any of its components, the chances of any untoward HPV vaccine side effects remain negligible.

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  1. Chamille

    Charlotte got her shots last month. She is only 12 years old. She began to show signs of redness in the face and became irritable. However, after 2 months, all signs have disappeared.

  2. We knew it from our neighbor who told us that it is vital for children to have their shots early. That is why I insisted that Melanie get her HPV vaccines.

  3. Even when everyone has got their vaccination for HPV my little girl is still not prepared. I must try to convince her since this will keep her healthy.

  4. I am interested in finding a vaccine for diphtheria. Where can I find it?

  5. Administration

    Dione, your child will be given this vaccine soon as it is two months old. This vaccine will help prevent diseases like diphtheria, Hib, polio, tetanus and whooping cough. Go to a clinic near to you and find out more from the doctor there.

  6. My neighbor’s son fainted when he took his vaccine shots. I was there and saw it. However, the doctor said it was normal and everything would be all right soon. Sure enough, the child recovered and walked home with his mommy.

  7. Chamille

    Our school has an active sex education program. We all got our vaccines this summer. I am sure my health will not suffer. It is interesting to read about the health problems.

  8. Why is this so important to us women?

  9. John McCormack

    Only women get this ailment. More often, they will contract it after their 20s. Get a vaccination and be safe.

  10. So, this HPV will not come on the face?

  11. John McCormack

    That is very unlikely since the virus needs a moist environment to grow.

  12. Thanks doctor.

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