Common Problem Knee Pain from Bending Causes and Remedies

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Elevate the leg and immobilize the knee.Some people might experience knee pain from bending or slight stretching while doing work. Though age is the most common cause for this, it could also occur if one is injured or one does excessive exercises as is the case with athletes. Females who do lots of work could also come down with this ailment.
Patellofemoral pain syndrome refers to the collective signs of pain in and around the knee region of a person. The pain originates from the knee cap region and is referred to as “jumper’s knee” or “runner’s knee”. Though mostly prevalent in athletes and females, this ailment could occur in other people as well.

Causes for this ailment

Body tissues get damaged due to natural causes or due to self-inflicted injury. Knowing the kind of injury will help you take the correct treatment. Here is the list of the types of causes that occur commonly.

  1. Everyday activity: When you age, the body tissues get worn out. The joints dislocate and result in this problem with the knee.
  2. Overuse: Runners, athletes and weight trainers sometimes push limits way beyond their capabilities. This can result in knee pain.
  3. Injury and damage: Hitting some object with the knee or the leg could be the cause for persistent pain in the knee.

    Symptoms that could be seen

Different symptoms manifest according to the state of the tissues in the knee region. Tendonitis and cartilage tears are most common. It might be due to sustained impact on the leg or due to a ligament sprain.
1. Skin redness around knee region
2. Swelling of joint
3. Stiffness when getting up or moving
4. Popping sound
5. Snapping at joining place of two bones
6. Decreased range of movement
7. Unstable feeling
8. Weakness of the joint
9. Grating sensation
10. Locking of knee joint

Types of pain

The intensity of pain depeUse ice and compress to bring down the swelling.nds on what is causing it. Cartilage that has torn loose gets stuck in the joint and swell causing pain. In girls who are just becoming adults, muscle imbalance and shifting alignment could cause pain in the knee. Knee pain from bending worsens during this stage of life.

  • Dull
  • Throbbing
  • Severe
  • Slight
  • Gradually worsening
  • Sudden
  • Intermittent
  • Depend on conditions

Pain might occur due to burstitis where one is involved in repetitive action that involves bending the knee. House cleaners, football players and carpet cleaners are commonly affected classes of people. Knee becomes swollen and tender.
Haemorthrosis or bleeding behind the knee space happens if you injure yourself. Bruising and stiffness is seen together with occasional warmth or swelling. Anticoagulant medication will help. If your joint becomes hot and turns reddish in color, the reason could be gout. This usually happens with old people due to uric acid build up. Pain persists even when you are resting.
The symptoms of septic arthritis usually include fever and swelling of the knee. Pain can become unbearable. You can treat it with antibiotics but first you must drain fluids. Occasionally, young sportspersons might damage apex of bottom leg portion due excessive activity. This region is where growth occurs for young people.

Aggravating signs of ailment

Other than worsening of injury on its own symptoms could worsen due to one of the following reasons:

  • Prolonged straining or mere sitting in one position
  • Increases stiffness when staying idle for too long
  • Any violent movement

Injury could be from a dislocated kneecap. Kneecap has its groove to rest in but when it slips out, you experience pain. If you are overweight, chances of making the pain worse is more. At times, inflammation could take place when connecting tendon between shin bone and kneecap swells. We call it tendonitis.

Region in the front of the knees could develop pain. This is either due to weakness of muscle or previous injury. You do not require professional advice to cure this. However, this remains one prominent cause for knee pain when bending. Use ice pack on the joint and rest completely. Articular cartilage damage is another common reason for aches. This tissue is placed front region in knee. Swelling of tissues covering the knee might also result in pain. When fluid swells behind the knee you get popliteal cyst or Baker’s cyst.


Medicines and clinical treatment

Surgery is advised for those who have extensive damage.
For chronic pain, it is advisable to take professional consultation in order to be sure that you are not having any serious problems. Usual medicines and treatments prescribed will be as follows:
First step immobilize your knee. For some people, injecting medication relief is obtained by directly injecting medicine. Lubricants or corticosteroids will be needed here.
Surgical intervention ranges from simple arthroscopic techniques to complete replacement of knee. One common outpatient treatment is to insert a camera through a hole and study the interior of the knee. The surgeon will make many amendments and remove broken pieces of the bone in this manner.
For those suffering total destruction of the knee, an artificial one may be called for. In case there is only partial damage, you could replace damaged bits with artificial plastic parts. Recovery time becomes less compared to that if one were to replace the entire knee.
Home Remedy

Remedy at home comprises of four basic steps alone (RICE).
R – Rest
I – Ice
C – Compress
E – Elevate


In most cases, knee pain resolves by itself. You need to analyze original causes in order to be fully relieved. Pain could recur maybe after a week. For severe cases where surgery is advised, full rest should assist you to recover fully.

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  1. I hurt my knee while playing hockey. I underwent therapy and surgery. It took me six weeks to begin walking normally again.

  2. I play games and it is common to get injuries. Your medical tips blog interests me since there is so much information. Great!

  3. My brother hurt his leg and was laid up for two weeks. It was minor and we treated it at home.

  4. It is interesting to read more medical tips and news. Good work.

  5. I never used to have this kind of trouble. But now as I grow old, I am beginning to get aches and joint pains. My doctor prescribes medicines for them and I get along.

  6. Ric Stampen

    I used to get severe pain in the knee from bending when I was in college. But since then, I have changed my workout schedule to include heavy warm up for the upper portion of the body. Now, I do not get such pain.

  7. Rego Mathews

    I have a problem with my knee. But I do not have pain. What should I do?

  8. Administration

    Mr. Mathews, the best thing is to consult your physician. Any medical condition must be examined first hand by a medical professional. We would advise you to take rest until then.

  9. Adrian

    I have some pain in the knee. You think I must consult my doctor? It is very slight pain.

  10. Administration

    Wait for a day or two. If the pain subsides, the you have nothing to worry about. If not, go see your doctor.

  11. How sad to read about such things! I know we must be careful but this is awful. I feel sorry for all the athletes and sportspeople.

  12. Heoreditus

    This can trouble athletes a lot. How often will it happen?

  13. John McCormack

    This occurs due to over stretching the tissue. Do not overdo anything and you will not have problems.

  14. Vlad Martin

    This happens often to sportsmen. How soon will they recover?

  15. John McCormack

    In the normal course, recovery will take 2 – 3 weeks.However, if the tear is severe, it will take a month or more.

  16. Trecy

    Do we need surgery?

  17. John McCormack

    It depends on how big the tear is. In most cases, surgery will not be required.

  18. John McCormack

    It depends on how big the tear is. In most of the cases, surgery will not be required.

  19. So, if we get pain we must rest and put ice on the knee joint. How long should we keep doing this?

  20. John McCormack

    You must go see your doctor in the local clinic at once. Further, do not try any exercises or running until you have recovered.

  21. Badshah

    How is it that RICE will help when you need surgery?

  22. John McCormack

    RICE helps before surgery. It helps to keep the inflammation down. You will also get relief from pain.

  23. This is a terrible thing. My friend got this and could not walk for two weeks. Now, he is all right of course.

  24. Surely, athletes must take care of their feet.

  25. Is there time for this problem to happen, like childhood or old age?

  26. I get knee pain in the evening but the problem is different. I see how athletes suffer from the problem here. Everybody has a differnt problem I guess.

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