Getting to Know More on Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Recovery Time

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Pilonidal cyst surgery recovery time will depend on the how careful one is after the surgery.This painful ailment usually occurs for young men who sit for long periods in the course of the day. Usually they are drivers of vehicles or operators of machines who are unable to move out of their chair for hours at an end. The pilonidal cyst is a sac that causes pain and often bleeds. Foul smell is emitted due to this.

People Who Are More At Risk

Pilonidal cyst recovery time varies. The people who are more likely to become afflicted by this ailment are given below.

  1. Male
  2. Obese
  3. Have inactive lifestyle
  4. Have excess hair
  5. Hair is stiff
  6. Sit for long time while working
  7. Young

This does not mean that others are not at risk. Even women and thin people might develop this ailment.

Questions that your doctor is likely to ask you

  • Do you have pain or irritation? How severe is it?
  • What kind of work are you doing? Do you need to sit up right through the day?
  • Are you running a temperature?
  • Is there any supplements/medication you take regularly?
  • Is there  any time when your symptoms improve and pain decreases?
  • When did you first notice the signs and the pain?
  • What makes the symptoms worse?
  • Have you taken any medicines for this?
  • Is this the first time you had this problem?
  • What is your normal diet? Do you eat any special food stuff?

Causes for Occurrence of Pilonidal Cyst

Hair in the buttock area becomes an irritant when you press down on it for a long time. The body responds to the intrusion of the hair as if it were an invader and forms a cyst around it. Other causes are dirt and friction.

  • Sitting for extended periods
  • Dirt or hair
  • Heat
  • Excessive sweating
  • Poor hygiene

Pilonidal cysts are painful and emit foul odor when the sac bursts.

Symptoms of This Ailment

Cyst usually occurs in the buttock region. However, it might also be seen in the genital region, armpit or navel region. We also see occasions when the patients will be asymptomatic. In those people who show signs of ailment, we find the following:

  • Pain the region where the person has cyst formation
  • Moisture in the region that is not usual
  • Blood or purulent discharge (pus) from the cyst
  • Pain when body movement affects the involved region
  • Foul smell

Treatment and Medicaton

The treatment is simple enough. The physician will inject the area where the cyst is formed with anesthetic. Once the region becomes numb, the doctor will make a tear in the cyst. This will allow the pus to drain out. Usually the cyst will reappear. The procedure is repeated. If there is no hope that the cyst will stop appearing, then surgical intervention may be needed. By adopting this, you remove  the cyst entirely.

Surgery Procedure

The simplest of procedures will be to make an incision and drain the cyst. This is uncomplicated and will hardly take any time at all. The second is marsupialization. This goes one step further. After draining the hair and pus is removed. The edges then are sewed close. While this option is not a necessity, the doctor may do this in order to prevent infection or further recurrence. The tract thus is now attached to the wound edge. This pouch-like incision will take 40 — 50 days to heal. To be on the safe side you can say that the pilonidal cyst surgery recovery time is 60 days.

As with all kinds of surgical procedures, you will have risks associated with this too. There might be unforeseen injury or bleeding. You could also develop complications due to allied medical conditions that you have at the time of the surgery.

Prevention of Recurrence

If you underwent surgery for removal of pilonidal cyst, you should see to it that you observe certain steps. This will help you prevent the recurrence.

  • Shave the area around the wound site
  • Clean the wound with antiseptic lotion and water morning and night
  • Replace dressing as required
  • Try not to sit up often or put pressure on the place where you have the wound
  • If overweight, try to reduce your weight
  • If diabetic, pay attention to your diet
  • If you have a choice, opt for leaving the wound open since this will help it to heal faster

If you do not undertake the proper treatment, there is a slight possibility that you could develop squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer).

Bottom line on Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Recovery Time

For all normal cases, recovery time will be 2 months if not sooner. If complications set in or the patient has diabetes or related diseases, the recovery time will be lengthened considerably. Chances of recurrence is high especially for those who are having it for the first time. This is especially so if the doctor decides to sew the wound shut instead of leaving it open.

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  1. Felicia

    My uncle had pilonidal cysts and he could not sit down for a long time. He would get up and go and lie down. Eventually he underwent surgery and then became better.

  2. This sounds so dreadful. I don’t think I will be able to bear anything like this.

  3. My worst nightmare is that I will come down with some disease like this. Nothing has happened so far, thank god.

  4. The problem with this is that it gives out very bad smell. My friend had it and we could not go near him until he had it operated and removed. I was reminded of him when I read the article.

  5. Isodora

    Do women get this ailment?

  6. Administration

    Actually Isodora, men are more prone to this disease, though women may get it too.

  7. Sam Ferman

    My neighbor had this. He underwent treatment and now he is alright.

  8. Sao Pinger

    Oh! This sounds so terrible. Poor people how they suffer.

  9. Daye Modu

    How many days will it take for the cyst to form?

  10. Administration

    Sometimes the cyst will not form at all and the patient will be asymptomatic. For the cyst to form, the patient must be using his backside often, like in a sitting job.

  11. Diya Chopra

    Is the cyst always painful?

  12. Administration

    Not necessarily. At times the patient will go through his or her entire life without any trouble.

  13. Dedora Almac

    This sure is a prickly problem. I am happy to read about it. Nice site.

  14. This is very bad. I pray for the poor souls.

  15. Jamil

    I had a friend who had this problem. We could not bear the smell. Then he got his operation and became all right. How do we get this? Does it spread like flu?

  16. Jamil

    No, it has more to do with the personality of the individual. The size of the hair in his backside will be the main reason. If they avoid sitting up too long, they can escape without any trouble. It does not spread from person to person.

  17. John McCormack

    It has more to do with the personality of the individual. The size of the hair in his backside will be the main reason. If they avoid sitting up too long, they can escape without any trouble. It does not spread from person to person.

  18. Ambrose Gustavo

    Yes, my elderly uncle has this. He is trying for surgery. What is better thing to do?

  19. John McCormack

    Since it is mostly age related, leave it to the medical professionals. Avoid sitting for long time.

  20. So, this is a hairy problem. Does shaving help?

  21. John McCormack

    You will do better if you removed it permenantly. Try any hair removiing lotion .

  22. Jack Shop

    So, this treatment takes a long time, right?

  23. John McCormack

    Not in all cases. But if you ignore it initially then it will take a long time.

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