How Do You Get Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms and Cures

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Of the many types of bacterial diseases, one that we find most commonly is BV or bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial balance in the vagina changes when one has this ailment. The answers to how do you get bacterial vaginosis is given here. This is not categorized under sexually transmitted diseases but once you get it, normally STD will soon follow.Chances for BV to recur is high[toc]

Why you will have increased chances for getting this ailment

One can see this manifest in women who smoke a lot and are either sexually active or inactive. Factors that increase chances are given below. If one indulges in activities that alter the chemical balance of the skin or have too much sex with too many people, then risks multiply.
• Increase in sexual activity will contribute to increased chances of BV
• Use of douche will increase the possibility to get BV.
• Use deodorant in vagina
• Use IUDs
• Use of soaps, shampoos or bubble baths

Treatment for BV

Thinking about how do you get bacterial vaginosis Is useless. Use concrete steps to make sure there is no harm. Short course of antibiotic tablets will usually see you home. Sometimes, the doctor may prescribe gel for applying inside the vagina.

Symptoms of BV

Most commonly occurring sign that you have BV is the odor of fish from the vagina. In addition, you may have discharge that:

  • Turns watery and thin
  • Has grey or whitish color
  • Burning feeling while urinating
  • Itching in the vagina

Symptoms are not an absolute necessity. Only 50% of the women will have them. Abnormal discharge during pregnancy is good cause to consult your physician.

Side effect due to BV

Antibiotic course will help you put an end to this ailment.In the normal course, you will not be troubled by this disease. But rarely, one may see the following:
a) More chances of contracting HIV
b) Miscarriages in pregnant women
c) Hysterectomy, abortion or caesarean section will lead to this ailment

Avoiding the risk of BV

  • Avoid sexual contact
  • Reduce number of sexual collaborators
  • Doing a pelvic examination
  • If you have vaginal discharge, take a sample and conduct a lab test.

As said, more sex collaborators will mean more chances for getting the disease. People with good hygiene who do not indulge in excessive use of shampoos or soaps then you will be safe. Also avoid using a douche to clean the vagina since this alters pH value.

Treatment for this ailment

Usual treatment will be an antibiotic course. The medication usually prescribed is either metronidazole or clindamycin. You can take treatment right till third trimester in the case of pregnant women. Some women use probiotics though the efficacy of this treatment is not verified. There are chances for the medicines to interfere with the pregnancy. Probiotics is the use of natural bacteria to remain healthy. Since the bacteria outnumber body cells by about 10 times we should try to use this as an aid.

Ignoring the disease

Check for whitish discharge or foul odor that smells like fish.If you fail to get treatment for this disease, there are many complications as given below.
1. Premature delivery for pregnant women
2. Increased possibility that you will get sexually transmitted diseases
3. Likely to spread disease to partner
People getting grayish outflow or fishy odor after sexual intercourse, must take action. Go to nearest clinic to begin antibiotic course immediately. For sexually active persons, there are more chances for getting other sexually transmitted diseases if you already have bacterial vaginosis.


Bacterial vaginosis disappears without any intervention. One has to go through the entire course of medication even after the symptoms disappear. Antibiotic is commonly used to treat this ailment. However, even after the cure, this may reappear.

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  1. Ram Bola

    The news is fascinating. I did not know women face so many problems, really.

  2. Myra Pochhu

    I know one of my friends had this when we were in college. She used to have lot of friends and was the sociable kind. But like you say in this article, she did not seem to do anything about it and it went of its own.

  3. Regina

    Most grateful for the update on the BV. I know this is common even if you are not sexually active. I must be careful now onwards.

  4. No one has so many problems. It is good we have doctors.

  5. Ismail

    I had a girlfriend who got BV. The smell was intolerable when she got the disease. I thought it was something really serious.

  6. Reynolds B.

    I know this kind of problem can make life difficult for women.

  7. Sylfean

    Once when I was in college I noticed the fishy odor from one of my friends. I did not know at that time that this was due to an imbalance of bacteria. Reading about it now, reminds me of that time.

  8. Jullie Rodriguez

    One of my colleagues got this. The smell was awful, then she got it treated. Does everyone get it?

  9. John McCormack

    It is not true that everyone should get it. It is true that if you have more sex partners the chances of upsetting the bacteria balance is more.

  10. Midora

    Yes, these symptoms disappear on their own. But the smell is awful.

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