Late Pregnancy is Risky

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Gestational diabetes diet menu can be tasty.Many women think that if they get baby they are treated as old women or a number of want to enjoy their life more and more or few woman want to establish their career whereas several busy with their personal businesses, that’s why, other woman don’t want to get pregnancy after marriage. They want to pass many years after marry and when the turn in their mid age get older that time they think about baby. This type of thinking once upon time is very popular in western society but nowadays this trend is celebrated not only in western country but also all over the world and now this trend get the permanent based in few countries. But recently a studies show that to get pregnancy in late age make many complexities and some times it becomes thereat for baby and mother both. On the other hand, the studies show many women loss their fertility between 30 and 40; as a result, they don’t become mother in their life time.

So, who think that to get baby in later, it maybe wrong decision for those. If you do not want to take baby in early age, you should consult your doctor and follow his or her advice. Otherwise, there is a chance to deprive of getting baby.

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  1. We too put off pregnancy and now we find lots of problem. I think you should have your baby early in life.

  2. My wife and I had a child very late in life. Of course, we are happy that we have a child now. But we had to be very careful because it was late pregnancy. Reading this article made me think about how we started off.

  3. We are waiting for our first child. It is very important for us that the child is healthy. I did not want to wait too late and so we are having a child early.

  4. Fiedora

    Why is there such a fuss over pregnancy? I think all children are the same. How do you say some children are born late?

  5. John McCormack

    When you have children after you are 40 years old, the children will be 20 when you are 60. They will be active while you will be sedentary. This will lead to a clash of lifestyles. You will not participate fully in the growth of your child.

  6. Desmonda

    We had our child when I was 40. Like you say, we will be old when the children grow up. Is there anything we can do?

  7. John McCormack

    Hiring nannies is not so good. You want that?

  8. Desmonda

    No, I don’t want that.

  9. John McCormack

    The children may not show the same enthusiasm other children show. So, monitor their school activities to make sure they are participating in all events.

  10. Desmonda

    That I will surely do. Thanks doctor.

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