On The Need for Progesterone Supplement and Its Possible Backlash

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Use only recommended amounts of progesterone.Women require this hormone in the right levels. High or low amounts will give rise to progesterone cream side effects. The cholesterol is the source from which this is made. Sometimes, people refer to it as the mother hormone. It is precursor to many other hormones. It is made from pregnenolone. Other hormones that the body derives from this are androstenedione, cortisol, estrogen and testosterone.

Requirement of Progesterone


Corpus leteum present in the ovary of women produce this. It has another function that of countering effects of estrogen. It is closely linked to the female reproductive cycle. Women undergo menopause at 50 or 60 years making level of estrogen drop to 50%, this is when their menstrual cycle stops.  The resulting hormonal imbalance affects all bodily functions.

  • Uterus lining experiences abnormal thickening
  • Infertility can be rectified
  • Cervix corrections makeable
  • Aches in breast alleviated
  • Premenstrual syndrome symptoms decreased

Progesterone or Progestin?

Diosgenin helps in production of the hormone. It is readily available in plenty in wild yam, though soybeans is also another source.  Progestin is artificial. When a woman is pregnant, the ovary produces 345 – 379 mg of progesterone. Compared to this, a mere 36 – 43 mg of progestin will cause severe side effects. These include birth defects, incidence of stroke, sight impairment, heart problems, headaches and retention of fluids.

Need to counter estrogen

Progesterone helps decrease effects of estrogen that causes headaches and breast tenderness.Humans receive progesterone from ovary and adrenal gland, though the adrenal gland produces only small quantities.  When menstruating, women produce about 26 – 32 mg and when they are pregnant this becomes 328 – 333 mg. Estrogen can create much trouble in the body. This action is countered by progesterone. Causes cancer

  • Makes body store more fat
  • Level of oxygen in cells is reduced
  • Lowers the sex drive level
  • Thyroid functioning is disturbed
  • More chances of blood to clot leading to more chances for stroke

Where to get it

Vitamin B6 helps you keep your hormone level up. The vitamin B also comes in useful for breaking estrogen thus reducing the build up. Recommended foods are those that have magnesium and zinc in addition to the vitamins C and E. Pumpkin, okra, and nuts supply abundance of magnesium while lean cuts of meat squash seeds and shellfish help you with zinc supply. Licorice is known to be bad for your hormone levels.

Recommended dosage

In normal usage, a ideal dosage will be 19 – 24 mg per day. Doctors recommend cream application over tablets. When you consume it orally, most of it is filtered out. However, cream application will help you set dosage to optimum limits. Compare 250 – 350 mg intake by way of tablets to the  quarter teaspoon cream – they both provide 23 mg.

Reactions seen

1. Mild

Since the steroid makes one sleepy, many take it as a sedative. This happens when one takes oral doses since around 85% dosage will be turned by liver into sleep inducing substance.  When used in cream form, this does not happen.

2. Severe

Adverse reactions noticed with creams because skin applications are 8 –9 times more potent than oral doses. Mainly, complaints are noted from people who use progesterone-like substances such as oil of the tea tree and lavender.  Oil from the tea tree makes tenderness in breast along with bloating. Abortions occur if you use pomegranate. Confusion present in the mind was one rare but very severe side effect.

3. Women need progesterone for the reproduction cycle.

  • prostate is good
  • Mood is good
  • Weight  is normal
  • good head
  • hair has growth that is normal
  • normal health with smooth uterus
  • no disruptions in menstrual cycle
  • healthy cervix
  • no pain in the breasts
  • sex drive is normal
  • life transitions are normal
  • ovaries are healthy

4. Avoidable effects
When you include xenoestrogens, you develop unwanted problems. It would include the following:

  • Thinning of hair
  • Heavy bloating
  • Belly and hip gather more flesh
  • More headache
  • Sex drive becomes less
  • Aching breast
  • Ovaries with lots of pain
  • More mood swings
  • More menstrual cramping

    Avoid interactions

1. During the period of egg ovulation

Your body reads presence of progesterone as one sign of pregnancy. Women who use this before the eggs are produced run the risk of blocking pregnancy. The body will not ovulate. One must therefore only take this medicine after ovulation as this will enhance nest formation within uterine wall to increase pregnancy possibility.
2.   When you use birth pills
If you take any birth control pill it blocks hormones. The receptors will be occupied by pills. This leads to decreased action.

3. Thyroid problems

Thyroid activity decreases when there is excess of estrogen present. The way to counter this problem is to give the women thyroid hormone supplement. This will bring their thyroid activity to normal levels.
4. Xenoestrogens
As mentioned above, the interaction of the body with xenoestrogens will cause symptoms like increased menstrual cramping, thinning hair, painful ovaries, more mood swings and increased bloating. Just by avoiding all supplements with xenoestrogens, to  avoid all these problems.

Methods of Application

Among various methods of application, cream heads the list since it has maximum efficacy. Other than this, one can also use it by the following methods.

Buccal drops: Taken in liquid form, these drops are dissolved using a solvent of sesame oil or butter. The overall taste is bitter and so not many prefer this.

Injections: Size of the injections are usually large ranging between 65 mg and 95 mg. Varying temperatures can have adverse affect on the liquid, which sometimes crystallizes out. Usually this happens when temperature drops too low. You can reverse this by gentle heating.

Vaginal tablet: One uses a applicator to use vaginal tablets. This too has limitations. Ingredients would comprise of starch that has been gelatinized before hand, dioxide of silicone, magnesium stearate and adipic acid among others.

IV transfusion: This method is best suited when there is a large injury to the brain. The entire system is patented and hence safe.

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  8. Why should I take progesterone cream?

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    You might have to use progesterone cream if you have dryness or have a thyroid problem. Pregnant women too need it but consult your physician before you begin using it.

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    I did not know about the backlash effect of progesterone cream. Thanks for the information.

  11. Why is this cream not useful for pregnant women?

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    The progesterone cream will make the body internal mechanism think that you are already pregnant. So, it will stop further ovulation from happening. That is why you should only take this with the help of professional medical practitioners.

  13. Progestin is dangerous. Many of my friends keep discussing health issues like this.

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    So, progesterone is not suitable for pregnant women?

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